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Artificial Intelligence matrix

see also DATAmatrix


Based on this sumarized layout artificial intelligence is a key component of Seedea. In order to maximize the cognitive ROI the best framework has to be chosen. The objective of this page is to be able to select it more easily.



NameLicensesFunctionnalities listLast activityCommunity sizeExisting project using itPriceExisting documentationCompetitive advantageAGI/NAITargeted programming environmentOnline API/WSOnline interactive demo (with use cases)
OpenCogper module Activerunning instances=? , irc=40, total=??FreeBooks, logs, WikiBook, tutoriallarge support, getting very popular, suppose to be "positive AI", open (see licenses), general architecture close to my own previous work (!)AIGvague, maybe Python, Lisp, Schema, ...IRC bot, VR, REST?
World-Wide-Mind        AGIJava/XML w2mind at DCU
CCRG's ConAg/IDA         Java Framework  
Artificial Mind         .NET SDK  
RASCALS Cognitive Architecture            
ECJ 18 A Java-based Evolutionary Computation Research System          
NuPIC used on problems that, generally speaking, involve identifying patterns in complex data.    Doc implements a hierarchical temporal memory system (HTM) patterned after the human neocortex.   
OpenBayesGNU GPLBayesian Network library2007      Python  
Individual APIs OpenCalais, uClassify, ...          

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