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locate and add wall poster

let's (strategically) roll!

each component (companies providing services, methods, data) is actually a function that can be leveraged in order to through its more execution make the final product. In a way, we are doing functional entrepreneurship (following the functional programming paradigm)

The result must be an evolving matrix (or manifold) usable as a circuit (routing the user) according to Cognition#Thinking and understanding of progresses in CS (cf the matrix for suggestions in related the wall poster)

Steps should be organize with categories and thus managed in a central panel, allowing a global overview and statistics.

To do

Conceptual entire production chain
  1. organize around Seedea:Seedea/Marketing#InnovationChain
    1. "leveraging the Open Chain" all from BuildAction
      1. open strategy
        1. dedicated websites
        2. business consultancy firms Mc Kinsey Quaterly (open or free with a delay?!)
        3. university based Harvard Business Review,INSEAD
        4. business model (and its online canvas and potential patterns from tbmdb)
          1. List of Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples, Open Innovators 2009
          2. The emerging case for open business methods by Dion Hinchcliffe, 2008
      2. open knowledge
        1. on open innovation itself with and its blog
        2. Wikipedia, Open Access (my OAS), Scientific Commons (OpenSourceMath, PLoS, ...), OpenData, public datasets (including Semantic Web), Wikiants ...
        3. legal documents including licenses (GNU, CC, ...) but also NDAs and such
          1. - Trusted DIY Legal, JurisPedia,,, Creative Commons Patent Tools Public Discussion
        4. University Technology in-license new (Scottish) technologies to develop into new products, applications or services
      3. the innovation chain subpart and thus also open innovation
        1. ,
          1. 3 activables levers of the innovation chain poster (integrated as 1 recommendation engine)
            1. tools
            2. methods
            3. social network
          2. other work from the wiki(s) including
            1. financing
              2. for funding from crowdfunding to VCs
              3. Seedea:Utopiahanalysis/Utopiahanalysis#funding (to expand)
            2. filters (yellow, cf see under)
              1. Seedea:Xye/CoEvolutionTools#Simulation
      4. open manufacturing
        1. SKDB, , overall related technologies ...
        2. thingiverse, instructables, odesign, liquidware, unptnt, octopart, ponoko, shapeways, OSHW Bank, opencores, diybio, Pink Army, ...
      5. open distribution
        1. cf and Tata "Open Distribution? Tata Nano enables local assembly of cars in rural areas Biz Model Examples"
        2. innovation marketplaces
          1. so far most are not really open or are communities spawned from commercial website, an open source p2p equivalent must be found
          2. (SYDO)
          3. Makers Market rated marketplace of wonderful science, tech, and artistic creations created and sold directly by some of our favorite Makers from around the World.
      6. Open networking
        1. Wealth of networks, Twitter and other free social networks, Outsourcing including Crowdsourcing and AmazonTurk, ...
        2. framework of coevolution extended to networks (rather than 1 and 1)
          1. coevolution in the basic form of networking but networking doesn't necesseraly lead to evolutions, it can be just sustaining/surviving too same but coevolution isn't cooperation it implies (forcefully) changes
          2. inspired by BBC:Life, Plants (1x09)
        4. TheOpen100 capture the top 100 open innovation companies and organisations globally.
        5. sponsored by Red Hat (a "community service")
      7. ...
      8. open source to centralize all element of the chain
  2. filters (all derived from the initial need)
    1. patents
      2. PatentStorm (with RSS)
      3. Patent Searching and Inventing Resources (with RSS)
      4. with donated patents
    2. legislation
      1. modeled legislative systems
    3. feasibility
      1. simulators
        1. Seedea:Seedea/Simulations
        2. growth in agronomy, resistance in mechanics, ...
    4. competition
      1. CrunchBase API free, no-restrictions, no-accounts, versioned, JSON-based API for a ton of information about startups, VCs, and entrepeneurs.
    5. popularity
      1. Seedea:Content/Predictions#PredictionMarkets
    6. famous tests
      1. Isenberg The 2-Minute Opportunity Checklist for Entrepreneurs Harvard Business Review March 2010
  3. check each item against
    1. Open Knowledge Definition provides criteria for openness in relation to data, content, and software services.
    2. Seedea:Seedea/Licenses
    3. other more "restrictive" definition, a la GPL
    4. Choose a License Creative Commoners
    5. WTFPL Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License
  4. copy from notebook
  5. import (directly pmwiki files) from
    1. strategy pages
    2. password protected pages
    3. todo/done pages
  6. integrate with tools
    1. basically follow
      2. Seedea:Seedea/Onlineoutsourcing
  7. automated alternative and update finder for the proposed (configurable) business process
    1. discover when the process on which our company is (partly) based upon is being modified and updated
      1. proposed solution
        1. apply Tools update idea to BPMN on
          1. Process Wiki Develop Technical Strategy with its history page and RSS feed
          2. an equivalent of apt get repository of business processes


  1. seedea.conf
    1. inherited from
    2. configured for
      1. EC2
      2. Hadoop
      3. Boinc
  2. useradd Seedea
      1. ticket management
        1. wiki group

Entire cycle covered

  1. new instance running
  2. call for improvement
  3. validation call
  4. production
  5. integration
  6. integration
  7. back to 1 for other users

To integrate

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