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  • light summer first clothes
    1. find a patron for linen or such light white/gray fabric
      1. simple trouser
      2. V collar shirt or boubou
    2. go to a market buy the fabric
      1. Saint-Pierre
    3. go to a nice coaching friend use her tools and profit from her experience
  • ObjectsExoBrain#Core powered by static electricity on clothes
    • Zhong Lin Wang nanowire piezo-electric generators for self-powered nanodevices (Georgia Tech 2007)
  • ObjectsExoBrain#InputModule (or just its minimalist input device) controlled through flat buttons on velcro (or velcro bracelet)
    • each cloth get wired with conductive string and connectors on each end
      • add 10/06/2010 11:49 discussion with grx-isa
  • conductive fabric as a self and social interaction mean
    • control the loop without a switch by having this fabric run to each ankle and when pressed together the light turns on
    • somebody with a vest with the conductive fabric that goes to the wrists and when the wrists are pressed against each other it lights up
      • somebody else with a vest also with the conductive fabric on the wrists too completes the other person loop so the LED lights up
      • it can extended to more than 2 persons


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  • XSlab design research studio with a focus on innovation in the fields of electronic textiles and reactive garments


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