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360 News

Periodically share a list of links one is interested in (a la ) to trusted friends (a la Wikipedia:360-degree feedback ) who can then vote for each (a la ) to consume the top ordered list accordingly

  • allowing free text comment or link to potentially better material
  • in exchange for the time they spend on your list you also vote for their list.
  • option "Add to my list" while voting for others lists


  • UI
    • Ordered list of decreasing font size
    • actions per article : read (possible notification if upvoted by a trustee), delete
  • identify criteria to sort (e.g. length, topic, medium, date of publication, author, institution, ...)
    • can be used for ML too but without having a context, i.e. how the trustee perceive the user

Demo (when available)


News flow

A proper information model matters because it allows through the important trends it distinguishes to provide a stable structure, an set of affordances on which one can add at a fast pace (hopefully in real-time or ideally to prepare even before they are acquired) and thus truly leverage news.

See also

Reclaim the news

News is a process, not a product. One can never passively receive a flow of news but rather will always have to find, select, organize, put in perspective and analyze information.


  • use "modern" tools to build your own flow of information
  • list topics with activity today
    • classify topic by activity, ...
  • subscribe to a topic
    1. follow it day after day
    2. see related topics
    3. provide a visualization that displays "impact" news

Repeat periodically.


  • cost of maintenance
  • specialization
  • bias viewpoint
  • lack of external feedback



Inspired by

  • thinking about Walden by Thoreau and my own position toward news
  • reconsidering the new tools and datasets I know and the strategical importance of news in daily life, including the social aspect of sharing news
  • learning about WikiLeaks "WarLogs" case
  • the end of


  • RSS
  • overall SemanticWeb in order to tag and classify and connect to other piece if information in near real-time
    • including and used on each page of the wiki

Community and Events

  • Rue89



  • ...

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