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Phylogenetic flow programming (ΦFP)

A programming language that doesn't change
the way you think is not worth learning.

Alan Perlis

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Rather than an object right now it is fundamental to be able to leverage the history of that object and in a coherent and efficient manner. Phylogenetic flow programming aims at doing so by providing a structuring phylogeny atom (object as well as function) which is part of a larger program in which this atom is nothing but an information flow.

Minimal Properties

Warning based on Wikipedia:Duck typing without functions used on it, does it actually make it a "proper" atom?




See also recent request to RecordedFuture on their definition of "Math of time"

See also


Do not forget the limitations and thus the usages which will probably not be "economically" interesting/efficient.


none as of end of July 2010

Consider doing a "paper" version (possibly post-its) with printed sheets with the default structure of a phylogenetic flow atom, an entire program, etc... to use it without a computer.

  1. for each part of the SoftwareStack (including programming language), find the existing component with
    1. most of the hardest to implement foundations requirements
    2. the biggest ability to easily be modified
    3. the community building the more efficiently manipulate the foundations

Including Wikipedia:Programming paradigm and its Wikipedia:Template:Programming paradigms.

Current Usages

Possible Usages

Inspired By

Written down the 24/07/2010 at about 8pm on the banks of the Marnes while listening to Red Room by Dennis Ferrer and reading Turtles, Termites, and Traffic Jams: Explorations in massively parallel microworlds by Mitchel Resnick. Cf From theoretical epistemology to paradigm as tool

See Also

To Do

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