Describe the moment where "it clicked" while describing the context and the transition from the initial situation to the new one.

Could also be described at "eureka moment", having a glimpse at the true nature of the problematic you study.

None is related to "official study", no book or article moment but "real life experiences" instead.

Neo seeing the code

Proposed structure

  • title
    • context
      • explanation/analysis
      • recommendation/deduction for the future


Mon parcours intellectuel

  • earlier?
  • self-evident objective morality is plainly false, at best hopeful thoughts, at worse manipulative tools
  • DNA and the immune system
    • biology class (probably Premiere ou Terminale) in Les Cordeliers
      • imagining the "ideal" virus
  • information propagation
    • backtracking the Wikipedia:Warez scene on the Internet to better participate to it
      • "practicing" first-hand how information flowed and how locating the sources faster matters, probably my first direct experienced of epistemology
    • at the same time, having to understand 0-day exploits in security thus again a specific hierarchical and temporal flow
      • also how other pieces of information have a specific value from their lifetime based on the number of people, here either "whitehat" or "blackhat", knowing about it
    • see the usage of epidemiology in ComplexSystems
  • the disconnection between possession (even technological) and happiness
    • sending back a perfectly well working LCD monitor I received as a birthday present knowing without even asking for a replacement in return
  • the central role of research as a fun epistemic process
    • flock in Rennes while I was finishing high school and discussing with a friend whose relative was doing a PhD on auto-organization, thus trying to solve a problem I asked myself a while ago
    • recalled by reading the introduction of TurtlesTermitesAndTrafficJams
  • buy to be
    • trying Adbusters Buy Nothing Day after discovering the ungrowth (decroissance) movement, seing self as a well functionning gear of the consumerist society by "having to spend" nearly every single day
  • general Darwnism and evolution
    • room in Roberval
      • reading Dawkin's Le Gene Egoiste
  • Information flow
    • bench in front of the Youth Hostel of Dinan
  • epistemology and knowledge creation
    • Jardim Botanico in Curitiba / synthesis on the board during the last course (PPGTE class on Information, Knowledge and Competitive Intelligence)
      • moving from an information processing view (classical computer science) to a more strategic view of information as knowledge (more advanced information view with epistemology I would say)
  • cognitive barriers with my father
    • chat with my father a year or two ago (2008 or 2009) in the kitchen in Dinan regarding what mattered to me I went on to talk about the process of evolution wondering if it was the result of time or its cause if the process was always there or changed and that I liked to wonder about such things but since he didn't seem interested either because he had something else in mind or because I wasn't clear we moved on to other things (I remember it because I was a bit disappointed then) and now (February 2010) I just stumbled upon Horizontal and vertical: The evolution of evolution by Mark Buchanan, New Scientist January 2010
  • Art As Pure Process
  • thinking organization through thoughts externalization
    • discussing about it with a friend in a restaurant in Paris, spring 2008
      • drawing on the wall a virtual system to handle my thoughts because I just couldn't organize them anymore properly
        • at least not to the extent of being able to explore more
        • thought about it before but this was probably the more intense moment during which I felt the need to move to a dedicated system
      • few weeks after, starting the wiki(s)
    • probably inspired by
      • studies in cognitive science in 2005, see SC01
      • utopiah_tiddlywiki.html created the 2nd of June 2007 and last modified the 3rd, just 3 entries though but I remember that it I was already craving for good PIM tools back then
  • possibility threshold
    • drilling a hole in a hard wall at Langrolay-sur-Rance, summer 2009
      • just knowing that it is possible radically change your mindset about a situation, allowing yourself to give all the energy you have because you know you are progressing toward a goal that can actually be reached (even if it is very costly).
  • From theoretical epistemology to paradigm as tool
  • asking myself as a kid why when while being in the dark random dots of colors appeared in my eyes and being convinced that since it was cognitively "internal" (introspective and subjective) yet physical I would most likely know why
    • several years later (around the 26th of November 2010 during LImagerieCerebraleDansTousSesEtats) discovered science can tackle such phenomenal questions
    • "inverted" clicking moment in the sense that it wasn't a sudden moment of clarity but rather of assumed sustaining obscurity
  • agency as a driver to happiness
    • a perceived increased of agency either immediate (e.g. the feeling of being able to control thousands of computers from the command line thanks to elastic cloud computing) or future (e.g. learning a new mathematical construct as a fundamental stepping for later learning)
    • it also applies here since every clicking moments implies finding then validating a better world view that should consequently lead to better agency
    • on the other hand loss of agency (biological aging, failed attempt with social or economical negative impact, etc) also have a negative impact on happiness
    • updated ExtendedLayeredModel accordingly based on controllability since being able to control a network is equivalent to an increase of agency but that this network is itself part of a larger network
    • arguably making this clicking a meta clicking moments, all previous clicking moments can then be seen as expected increase of agency
  • later?
  • to order
    • subway lines in Paris are equivalent to social classes
    • AM death and the fact that we don't live for others, no matter how close they are
    • praya da pipa and social escalation
    • Shanghai fashion show and social presence
    • Paris's Communist music festival where Thibault described the crowd as particles using thermodynamic model and how models truly shape each person life, fundamentaly being an embodiment of your worldview
  • there is no self
    • walking on the bank of Saint-Maur's river during a winter night (January 2010)
      • the concept of "self" can be useful but it is, like "nature" or "society" just that, a potentially useful concept, not an actual reality.
  • the very action of interacting socially binds us to social reality and thus makes our own knowledge, socially built and verified, stronger
    • basically trying to help other on intellectual tasks is most likely to help oneself too through several ways
      • being better able to remember when something was said or shared because it was a social interaction rather than an abstract action without potential impact
      • communicated thus clarity expected, forcing a better understand of the piece of information to be shared
    • happened early March 2016 while sending email about Cognitive Neurostimulation and after writing Quora answer the previous
    • consider Cognition#ExocognitionAsNetworkTraversal with an underling evolving epistemic network

liking Paola when going back in front of the theatre in Dinan I noticed she was able to do something I cognitively didn't know, aka deep backtracking in a conversation

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Famous clicking moments

  • Archimed
    • eureka in the bath
  • Newton
    • apple falling
  • Darwins
    • ď the very spot in the road, whilst in my carriage, when to my joy the solution occurred to me.Ē
    • (and galapagos?)
  • Pointcarre
  • Gauss
  • Louis Pasteur
    • "Pasteurís insight is a stroke of genius that arrives as a eureka-like revelation." (p101) yet "a story that was subsequently embellished, with Pasteurís blessing, by his son-in-law" (p102) in Chapter 6 of Elegant Solutions


  • what is the neurochemicals released during the process giving the peculiar sensation (there is also an intense physiological response in addition to the logical "chain" of consequence unveiling itself)
    • endogenous opioids : endorphins, enkephalins, dynorphins, and endomorphins?
    • see my related large drawing, black&white, made in Langrolay
      • then mislabeled "opoid" vs opioid
    • simpler mechanism
      • it is "required" for the brain to keep up with the "cascade of consequences" the clicking moment produce thus needing a temporary boost to integrate it. (and giving that special sensation as a side effect)
      • check pubmed
      • add notes from the 27th of September 2009
    • How the Brain Encodes Reward by Ann Graybiel, MIT World May 2009
    • mainly dopamine according to ~min14 of Your Brain at Work by David Rock, Google Tech Talks 2009
    • alternative explanation
      • a click moment happens when a newly generated predictive model is validated by the largest possible batch test existing in memory
      • see Scholarpedia:Reward signals and Scholarpedia:Temporal difference learning
      • if this is so, why don't I get one right now at the moment of writing those lines?
        • because it is done more through logical and metacognition thus consciously?
        • because it was not a surprising "reward" but rather a step-by-step process?
      • a clicking moment happens when a newly generated predictive model is validated by the largest possible batch test existing in memory
        1. generate a new hypothesis that predict reward
        2. recall a lot of instances in which the targeted reward was reachable
        3. sequentially scan through those instances in your memory
        4. check them against your newly generated hypothesis
        5. all tests pass
        • basically you get a meta-reward (and boom, dopamine)
        • one can not cheat thus sounds like a "good" survival system
        • it could be proportional to how much you suppose it brings you closer to the reward
          • i.e. the closer this new predictive model helps you to reach the reward, the bigger the meta-reward
        • it could be linked to memory recall of the newly generated predictive model itself
          • i.e. that it should fixate more efficiently
            1. you know it's important
            2. you can recall the model more easily later on when needed
          • that could also "cheaply" lead to a proper model hierarchization
            • i.e. if your rewards are properly hierarchized then your reward should order your predictive models accordingly
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