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Gathering my bold hypothesis since 14/03/2009 (instead of my __ my free ideas repository folder)

Virus as the blueprint for life and the continuum of life as a consequence

04/03/2008 A virus is a minimal form of life

actually the concept of virus (a self-replicating segment of information, being held by a biological medium or not, and perpetually fighting against entropy as self-decay) is the purest form of life

(optional/trick : the nature of this concept is actually also self-defining as in order to be accepted it has to be widely accepted, thus widely spread, thus viral. consequently it acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, a recurrent definition true by recurrence )

10/08/2008 in Chronic'art #48 from Mute! Spoutnik, virus virophage et plus petit exploiteur du monde

The virophage as a unique parasite of the giant mimivirus Shared later by Paola

23/08/2008 in the notebook add note for Paola/Nathan from the Seeds never cease to grow they just "waits" (minimal resources consumption) for the right environment to provide them the resources they need. They are as alive as a young or a mature tree they just minimize expenses.

See also my notes on An Orchard Invisible, A Natural History of Seeds by Jonathan Silvertown, Chicago University Press 2009

[potentially could do a parallel with ideas and thus the risk of having ideas too early on in the wrong place]

Hypothesis : a continuum of life as a virus with in itself the blueprint code for life (same from plants to animals and generations)

30/08/2008 on Val de Rance sheet of paper Life Self replicating code (blueprint, abstraction independent of the hosting medium)

Very same concept transmitted from one organism to another (plant -> animal -> human -> CS viruses -> ?)

Inspiration : Varela, Dawkins, Blackmore

Opening on aging, cancer, ...

See also Prevolutionary dynamics and the origin of evolution by Martin A. Nowak and Hisashi Ohtsuki, PNAS 2008

29/09/2008 carbonic based lifeforms that's the only one we know it doesn't mean life should (or is) stuck with it. especially if it is the concept of a virus, it should be independent from it's constituent materials (thus we could imagine non carbonic lifeforms, in theory at least) and if, like it was the case till now, life was just a reproduction from on complex organism to another with NO break in the chain whatsoever (since we, are living organism, are feeding on others living organisms, as said before) I don't see why this would not go on and eventually transcend the basic building blocks to others because a virus, by definition, should spread to all the possible kind of environment and that would also be coherent with the arrival of live on earth... (and also with the funky Gaia hypothesis and with earth being a living organism especially if terraforming works in the future)

in the end we are viruses with a very complex overhead that provide us tools to conquer harsher and harsher environment just to spread further, basically.


Explore Is a virus alive? (p89) of chapter 5 Information Flow in Biology of Information Theory and Evolution by John Avery, World Scientific 2003

20/10/2008 drawings + virus-layers-discussion-with-paola.log




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