1. mixing local data (wiki based) and remote data (dbpebia, semantic web overall)
    1. <SPARQL>request</SPARQL> in the middle of wiki pages
    2. Wiki.ToDo#QualityTagging extended (cf semantic web services per page, edition mode)
  2. apply the star ranking of Linked Data - Design Issues (started in 2006) to this Wiki.ToDo


  • Purpose in Categories: Supercomputers (DBPedia)
  • build a tree from the doctoral advisor property
  • software licenses ordered by creation date
  • RSS page of (comparison page of (software type of (software name)))
  • available movies not in my watched list above a score threshold of on selected review websites
    • name of the top 10 by vote list of sci-fi movie release in the last 6months
      • then used with site:X
  • X newly added concepts (to Wikipedia or to other centralized knowledge place)
    • insure a minimum quality
      • Z days after the article creation
      • >= N edits
    • input DBpedia
    • output daily RSS feed
  • find the cultural intersection between 2 places
    • list Wikipedia page that
      • link to the same 2 pages
      • are tagged with those 2 pages
      • restrict to a more specific
        • time period
        • field
    • cf Person#CulturalIntersection



Workshop (May 2010 with Sylvain

  1. define what should be done
    1. cf Requests and Objectives on this page
  2. how
    1. cf tutorial

Semantic MediaWiki

Initial plan before starting Seedea then written down in Architecture, later on suggested by faceface, a serious wiki user present in #semanticmediawiki on freenode.

  1. downloaded the SMW extension then mediawiki itself
  2. installed but the SQL creation worked for mediawiki only, failed without an error msg for SMW
    1. SMW db install scripts probably don't have the correct right (even if MW has them... strange)
      1. MySQL returned error "1142: CREATE command denied to user 'wikiuser'@'localhost' for table 'smw_ids' (localhost)"
      2. fored $wgDBuser="root";$wgDBpassword=""; manually in SMW_setup.php, worked
    2. following Data repair and upgrade step went smoothly
    3. installation test passed
  3. read few pages of the semantic-mediawiki.org which convinced me that the technology was very adapted to the seedea principles and usage
    1. Browsing_and_searching
    2. Editing
    3. Semantic_Web
  4. downloaded the quick reference (pdf)
  5. downloaded several pages from http://semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:User_manual
  6. instance running at

Integrations through APIs

To do

See also


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.