VotingIsALearningProcess date and time

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Own objectives

  1. clarify what the event is for
  2. prepare the event
  3. handle participation outside of the event
    1. during it but remotely
    2. after it



  • know how you vote during the next election
    • not necessarily for whom but rather what is the process most coherent with your own ideal
    • prepare ahead of the actual voting moment in order to be protected from the overload of information and manipulative techniques
    • share and learn how to leverage new techniques available


To focus on the process rather than constantly trying to produce bias toward a specific worldview

  • no official party allowed, only citizens
  • the abstraction of the voting process designed or picked has to be shared back to others
  • the voting decision itself does not have to be public
  • deciding not to vote can itself
  • not following the rules lead to exclusion from the event and its platform

Expected outcome

  • a list of voting process coherent to a diverse set of ideals and leveraging all the tools, old and new, available to citizen desiring to be active in a political process

Possible activities

  • presentations
    • evolution of the political system
    • evolution of the tools of participation
  • workshops
    • hands on a new tool

Motivated by

Related projects


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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • meet him
  • could be improved by doing that
  • see also that other event

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Other reviews or coverage

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To do

  1. clarify what is the expected outcome
    1. individually
    2. collectively
  2. provide an example
  3. rather than displaying the top3 decision processes list the worst3 and why they are so (could be interesting to list associated cognitive biases), what would be the way to avoid them
    1. vote for what my parents voted for
    2. vote for this party because always did so
    3. vote randomly
  4. integrate discussions with others
  5. list of people to invite
    1. Paola, Carola, Sylvain, Loic, Jérémie, Philipe, Jonathan, Antoine, authors of ...
  6. explore
    1. Direct (Anti-) Democracy by Max Stearns, UC Economics Department August 2010
      1. Max Stearns at University of Maryland School of Law
    2. Arrow's Impossibility Theorem and ways out of impossibility by H. Reiju Mihara, 2008
    3. Wikipedia:Two-round system
    4. France specific
      1. Presidential and Legislative elections both in 2012
      2. Wikipedia:Elections in France
      3. France on ACE Electoral Knowledge Network (EKN)
  7. leverage OnThePoliticsOfComputations