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Politics : the new and the old tools

Own definitions of politics


Discover emerging trends and build a toolkit to offer easy counter-measures.

On the candidate side

On the citizen side

New tools

  • Voter Targeting / Microtargeting (inspired from commercial marketing)
    • UK software for stats per neighborhood (find balance area)
  • Political Campaign Management Software
  • Online voters pool
  • Social Network compaigns on Facebook/YouTube (supported by the medium for YouTube)
  • SocialNetwork mining (RTGI)
  • sentiment analysis (e.g. Globalpoint Research)
  • social network analysis (a la Facebook Graph Search) e.g. RAP as Relationships, Advocability, Political Capital via Data mining is new lobbying gold Byron Tau, February 2013

New methods

The classics

  • Gerrymandering
  • Advances in social-psychology and advertisement inspired compaigns ()
  • language engineering (newspeak applied : Christian Lehmann - Sarkolangue)
  • on the usage of public surveys/statistics
  • sophisms
  • panem et circenses (Soccer, Olympics, ...)

Citizen "Defenses"

Inspired by


International Conflict Resolution and Prevention, 2006


Tree/repository of political strategies

After watching Desentubages Cathodiques where former prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin was teaching at ESCP, a top political school in France where he said "1- is getting elected, 2- is having a program". Such a historical tree of raise to power with for each time the associated strategy in a phylogeny-like form to see how it differed from earlier attempts and successes. There are good book on war strategy, tactics,etc... there might be such a book on the history of political raise to power, the involved strategies and their evolution.

To do

To explore

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