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Visualization based on geographical mapping of the principle of the UniNetVerse theory

The UniNetVerse theory proposes the interconnection preceded the Internet and that consequently you can never be an isolated node of the network. Consequently you are always subjected to changes of topology of the network from anywhere at any moment and that only by understanding it's interconnected nature you can survive those chances.


See also monism in philosophy.

Expected result

Consequently you become a hub and are able to replace yourself based on the anticipated changes.

Producing such an automated tool would directly show how relevant the theory is and potentially provide a strategical advantage.


Data to gather

  1. N key strategic maps
    1. energy/energetic resource map (Sylvain and the book I sent him/Nora/Agathe for Areva China) : from Chevron 2007 (low resolution!) and Energy in the world. An international perspective by Bologna International Committee for the Cartography and the Analysis of Contemporary World
    2. financial flow map (Nicolas)
    3. logistic transit map (Guillaume/Pascaline)
    4. Computations (Laurent/Nicolas)
      1. Data Center Map by IDG TechNetwork
    5. brain drain (?) : from OECD in 2006
    6. information pipelines : traffic, submarine cables (older pdf) (?)
    7. Research (Paola) : Mapping unknown regions from Research Trends, Maps of Science dedicated website and also Places & Spaces: Mapping Science
    8. Biology : Metabolic_network


  1. take N maps of key networks (ex : gas pipeline, underwater information cable, food logistic roads, ...) covering the same physical area (ex : the globe)
  2. put them as overlays of each other
  3. connect the map where they actually do connect
    1. have to define what a factor would be (beside financial links? human links? ...)


  1. 5 maps with each one having a different color
  2. 1 set of 5 superposing maps
  3. 1 map of multiple colors
  4. analyze of this newly generated map

(Scalable svg version available)



Parsing maps/GIS in CLI

graph traversal and text output


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