Initially started for Saint Maur, a logging of my "advances" in practical gardening.


Synthetic Farming


Replace an animal farm by synthetic biology, thus synthetic farming


  1. To survive we eat and that builds the Wikipedia:Food chain (trophic web) structured through local Wikipedia:Bioavailability.
  2. This energy is in the form of chemical so if we consider animals for their actual functions a farm is a chemical factory.
  3. The concept of "farm" should thus leverage Wikipedia:Synthetic biology

Notes on economy

  • Animals through their functions are chemical machines but also with roles in the human economy.
    • Theoretically the two should match not just in agricultural countries but for every country.
    • It makes extremely complex trophic webs
      • e.g having a nice tshirt to look pro to get paid more to have a better flat to get access to better food instead of farming better food yourself
    • Surplus allowed for such complexification of the trophic web but no matter how complex the situation is it still boils down to survival cost efficient access to air, water and food which are chemicals.
  • the infrastructure is well tailored for animal farming the way it is, thus cheap despite possible inefficiencies


  • the evolutionary process is extremely efficient thus hard to beat, even by bypassing functions and removing useless organs or organels
    • yet it changes as a specific pace that could potentially be improve through a mix of evolutionary methods and modern design methods but especially knowing the current environment that wasn't available until now

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