A living organism is a self-executing piece of knowledge.

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  • Philosophy is the rigorous discipline of raising the most fundamental questions.
    • It is motivated by prior art and not isolated from science for verification but rather uses it to make the most rational and realistic propositions.
      • Knowing the state of the art in the discipline one would like to explore is consequently prerequisite.
    • Is it thus evolving and improving over time and can not be restricted to a fixed set of examples of sub discipline at a moment in time.
    • It also also not passive but rather an on-going process.

Note on the definition

This definition is my own and can be used to look at it whenever I doubt it and compare with my current view. By successive editions one can look at the history page to see how it evolved over time.

Main interests



Philosophy of mind

  • computational models of consciousness

Philosophy of technology

Own thought experiments

  • What would if you were the only remaining person on earth and knowing so with absolute certainty?
    • aim at exercising one's own definition of happiness

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