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Seedea, scalable creativity

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Art Seedea

This part of Seedea is listing only art related ideas, unlike OIMP or the Small unrefined ideas that are generalist.

You can access this page directly at and each art idea at

CatArt.xml (several older ideas not yet imported here)

To do

  1. use the Template for EditTemplates
  2. import previous ideas
    1. CatArt.xml
      1. with its ArtWorkPresentation.xsl presentation file
  3. specific skin with PerGroupCustomizations to customize the features of PmWiki on a per-group basis.
    1. The local/ subdirectory (typically in $FarmD) is used to hold local configuration files.
    2. The css/ subdirectory (typically in $FarmD) is used to hold local css files.
  4. import "E:\Work\__ my free ideas repository\artwork\actnow.txt"
    1. now locally available
  5. add this definition to experiencing distributed cognition / public algorithm
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