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From personal use

  • MediaWiki (thus Wikipedia) syntax cheatsheet
  • why integration matters
    • 05/06 ~3pm discussion with Paola on modularity
  • River Of Time you can not step into the same river twice.
  • general lessons from pmWiki and Wiki should be imported here
  • :help : the MOST important command ;)
  • Presentations.Introduction To Wikis
  • ReadingNotes.Wikipatterns
  • wiki software I tried
    • tiddlywiki
    • mediawiki
      • through Wikipedia
    • SemanticMediaWiki
    • pmwiki
      • here and on several other personal websites
      • AAAI
    • dokuwiki
    • confluence
    • few others for GE40 at UTC
      • cf notes
    • "wiki-like" software
      • Google Wave
      • Google Docs through collaborative mode
      • Microsoft Office through shared file (over email or LAN) and revision mode

WikiFest (or "live wiki-ing")

Discovered during (a somewhat self-frustrating) presentation of the wiki during MBE07

Radical changes invisible to the reader

  • changing from the default edit page to the edit page was like changing for a new pen
  • changing from AllRecentChanges to the minimalist and goal oriented entry page is more like changing the private table of content
  • yet the content itself and the cover didn't change so for the reader it's still the same yet, hopefully, in the long run content will improve thanks to those invisible changes
  • it's really like the brain
    • you do not move content around and shuttle data here and there but with few connections changed you can turn the entire system around
    • major changes are not about adding a lot of content but rather about how easily you can re-organize the whole system based on new principles
    • quality of your system based on how flexible yet efficient it is
      • how it can handle changes to adapt in order to respond to new constraints
    • cf Cognition#WikiBrainMapping
  • regarding gradual changes see also

Video tutorials



  • The duality of knowledge by Paul M. Hildreth and Chris Kimble, Information Research, Vol. 8 No. 1, 2002
    • mentioning the "Autopoietic View" discovered earlier through Francisco Varela in Cognition

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My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.