You are fooling yourself when you think
today you don't leave traces for tomorrow
when you are thinking with today's mindset and technology

Solution to build a unique identifier

  • ID card
    • number
  • RFID
    • passports
    • commuting cards (subway, bus, ...)
    • event badges
  • physiology
  • vocabulary used
    • cf speech analysis
      • who actually wrote that politician speech
  • social network analysis
    • who talks to whom
      • example: Facebook and friend recommendation
        • able to predict (imperfectly) who is most likely to know you
  • financial flow
    • credit card usage
      • location (often) included
    • taxes
  • information networks
    • telephony (including GSM) logs
    • IRC/IM/SocialNetwork/... logs
    • identifier in the network stack
      • MAC address, IP (v4 or v6) address, website login, cookie, browser, ...
    • artificial means for intellectual property

Note that those solution are not mutually exclusive and are often used in conjunction in order to cross-check information.

Test yourself

Attempt at anonymity

  • avoid information services that log transfers
    • communication
    • search engines
    • social network
  • use non nominative currency
    • cash
    • gift cards
  • (pseudo) anonymous networks
    • know the consequences of the topology and architecture of the network you are using
  • compartmentalized personality
  • 1-time usage interaction means
  • behavioral pattern breaking
    • noise introduction

Inspired by

  • Monitoring which can be used to build a unique profile

See also

To do

  1. problem with the fingerprint picture
    1. it is visible implying that when information is not visible, it's ok which is in the information age the worst possible terrible pitfall
      1. pheromone visualization e.g. ant chemical trail
  2. large gap between what the solution seller says and the actual cost-efficient usage
    1. the seller does not directly care about the final result, only the "feeling of security" it provides
  3. Reverse image search and its application to face recognition
    1. timely and spatially track people
  4. work on Wikipedia:Dissociative identity disorder to separate your "selves"