Concentration or self-mastery is simply a skill to improve, like any other. Meditation is a technique to do so.

Schema described the unfocused process gradually betting consciously aligned


Embedded in Exercises#Meditation


  • relaxation process
    • including physiology
      • balance
        • core muscles
        • spine
      • breathing
  • consciously ignore external noise
  • remember the objective of the process
    • which can be itself gaining better focus
  • understanding Cognition#BrainHijackers

Own affordances

  • one pathway across networks
  • self-defined homeostasis baseline
  • sharp blade
  • flat lake
  • "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."

To do

  • Consider the wiki as an affordance too
    • especially thanks to
  • meditation as a process to improve Seedea:Content/Concepttreefmri effectiveness
  • consider if its goes beyond
    • sharpening focus
    • improving proprioception

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