Concentration or self-mastery is simply a skill to improve, like any other. Meditation is a technique to do so.

Schema described the unfocused process gradually betting consciously aligned

Guided meditation on technology

  • goal
    • lower stress from unreliable tools and necesary infrastructure
  • key concepts to convey
    • disentangling self versus tools
    • connectivity can be unreliable
    • battery always run out
    • tools are fallible
    • gadgets are not tools
    • attention can be yours to reclaim
    • tools remain optional
    • care for self and others before care for tools
    • becoming mindful of how they make you feel
    • there is perfection despite the slickness

VR experience

To clarify.

Audio recording


Turn off your phone. Actually turn it off. Put it to charge in another room, out of reach then come back. Find a comfortable position to sit down. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your breath. Consider your self in your position. Adjust your legs and arms until you are comfortable. Listen to the sound of your breath as you take longer and deeper inhalation and exhalation. Think about how it feels to be you, just you, without your mobile phone. Appreciate the lack of vibration in your pocket. Appreciate the lack of noise coming from its speaker. You can see outline of your device as it fades away, slowly. All the concerns from it are not yours for now. All the messages you expect will be there later for you to consider. For now, it is not with you. You are not with it. It is not you. You are not it. A device is just that, a tool for you to use whenever you find it convenient. The device can be an extension of your self if you want to. It does not have to be so at all time. You can decide when to use your devices. You can device when to put them down. Your devices are imperfect tools. They can be beautiful. They can slick. Yet they are imperfect tools for your own usage. Their lack of perfection does not shape your self. An imperfect connectivity does not make you think less but rather creates an opportunity to step back. Unreliable connectivity provides you the chance to consider what you are doing right here, right now. What brought you here, what are you truly looking for. No device can help you find that out. As you slowly and deeply breath you reconsider your relationship to your tools. As you exhale you consider all the imperfections without letting them affect you. As you inhale you consider all the opportunities these moments create. You slowly open your eyes knowing that you do not have to go back to your phone unless you want to, on your terms.

PS: consider agency and potentially the different relationship from the ability to build tech devices, e.g software development, understanding of FLOSS, open hardware, etc.


Embedded in Exercises#Meditation


  • relaxation process
    • including physiology
      • balance
        • core muscles
        • spine
      • breathing
  • consciously ignore external noise
  • remember the objective of the process
    • which can be itself gaining better focus
  • understanding Cognition#BrainHijackers

Own affordances

  • one pathway across networks
  • self-defined homeostasis baseline
  • sharp blade
  • flat lake
  • "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."

To do

  • Consider the wiki as an affordance too
    • especially thanks to
  • meditation as a process to improve Seedea:Content/Concepttreefmri effectiveness
  • consider if its goes beyond
    • sharpening focus
    • improving proprioception

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