The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson - ISBN 0553380966 - Bantam Books 2000


  • "we can assume that all of his tag mites were detected and destroyed by Atlantis/Shanghai'ss immune system." (p90)
    • thus introducing an idea very close to the concept of extended Bernardism discussed in The Things We Do

Situation on the book with potential analogous today

  • racting (probably a portmanteau for "remote acting")
  • the primer with its potential political usage
  • the M.C. or Matter Compiler
  • dynamic labyrinth (p396)
    • a labyrinth in which you try to find the algorithm behind walls re-disposition rather than an absolute path
      • could eventually be transformed into a cognitive challenging game (and included in SecondLife to make it a more immersive experience)
    • very close to the principle of Cube
  • feed lines as equivalent of pipelines to run Matter Compilers
    • probably the geopolitical challgence of that time
  • wet Net (p458) and somewhat earlier discussing CypherNet being computing nodes
    • "Like the dry Net, the wet Net could be used for doing computations—for running programs."
    • "The devices lived in the blood of the human race like viruses and passed from one person to the next during sex or any other exchange of bodily fluids; they were smart packets of data, just like the ones traversing the media network, and by mating with one another in the blood, they formed a vast system of communication, parallel to and probably linked with the dry Net of optical lines and copper wires."

Notes on technique

  • desire of reading SciFi <=> crack
    • highly addictive, not being able to put the book down
      • strong coherence
      • interesting topics (politic, technology, ethic, ...) presented in a non-boring way
      • unpredictability of a complex scenario unfolding, always keeping the reader on his toes
  • classic techniques that were used in it so far
    • gradual introduction of specific vocabulary
      • creating a unique atmosphere yet not being overwhelming or sounding artificial
    • independent actors with their own storyline fusionning
      • keep the story less monotonous, more dynamic

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