Recommended movies by Paola

This page gathers in order of interest the movie you recommend me to watch. You can add links, pictures, etc... and change everything you need anytime you want.

The K. Kieslowski's Decalogue

is a 10 one-hour film, originally a mini serie for the polish tv.

I've seen them all in a cine club, try the 1 (One: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. A university professor trains his young son in the use of reason and the scientific method, but is confronted with the unpredictability of fate. Reason is deified with tragic results. From Wikip ;) ) Six: Thou shalt not commit adultery. A naive young man spies on a stranger through her window and falls in love with her. Four: Honour thy father and thy mother. Uncertainty about her real parentage complicates the bond between a young woman and her father.

I cant remember perfectly all of them, but i am sure you'll find them interesting, they are the tale of the morality against social pressure, human nature, fragility and every day tribulations.

Emir Kusturica - Underground

ok what to say... Beautiful, lyrical, metaphorical movie i should not spoil for you. It's about tragedy and humor, deception and friendship, about the perception of reality, its a tale of the duplicity of life. Settled in Belgrado fom the years of the Nazi invasion untill Tito's dictatorship, is the story of two friends and a secret underground weapon factory.

Mel Brooks - Young Frankestein

I find some scenes simply hilarious... A parody of the 30's horror movies... Dunno, i think you may like it, as I know you like the Monthy Pythons humor.