Code de la conscience by Stanislas Dehaene - Éditions Odile Jacob 2014



What is consciousness and how does it work, based on the latest advance in medical neuroscience

Pre-reading model

A limited resources of self-perceiving loop to decide what is more important that the rest.


  • 1 Introduction to Template
    • "interesting quote." (p1)
    • note
    • ...
  • 2 Interesting thing
    • (p20)

See also

Overall remarks and questions

  • ?


P3 long distance brain waves going through multiple rarely connected dedicated subconscious areas of the brain when attention is required, e.g. unexpected events occurring.


Point A, B and C are debatable because of e, f and j.


(:new_vocabulary_start:) new_word (:new_vocabulary_end:)

Post-reading model

Draw a schema (using PmGraphViz or another solution) of the situation of the area in the studied domain after having read the book. Link it to the pre-reading model and align the two to help easy comparison.


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