WebWorkersCampParis3 15th and 16th of April 2011 at La Cantine

#WebWorkerCampParis3 on Twitter, identi.ca, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. stay up to date on web technologies
  2. check trends
  3. tests my own ideas
  4. building new stuff

Attended activities

SQL-noSQL by Erik Meijer


children point to parentsparents point to children
entities have identity (extensional)environment determinates entities (intentional)
environment coordinates changes (transations)entities responsible to react to changes (eventually consistent)
closed worldopen world
not scalablescalable
not compositionalcompositional

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Turblences par af83

  • but
    • contre le monopole
      • e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, ...
      • limitant la vitesse d'innovation
    • contre le reseau social technique
      • qui ne correspont pas au reseau social classique
        • flexibilite de mentir ou de cacher une information
  • contraintes
    • soutenable, securise, anonyme si choisi
  • resultat
    • permettre la proxification
    • pouvoir gerer ses informations par applications
      • et donc mentir a ceux ou celles auquel on ne fait pas completement confiance
    • Portable Contacts pour la liste de contacts et de resources
      • quid de FOAF?
    • oAuth2
    • webfinger pour decouvrir le point d'entree
    • https://auth.af83.com
    • separation authentification identification
      • possibilite de mieux gerer les services externes e.g. SaaS
    • difference principale avec Facebook/Twitter/Google/... Connect
      • champs meta par defaut
      • permettre l'interposition de proxy
  • voir aussi

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Goliath par Bruno Michel

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LINQ par Pierre et Claude

  • etre capable de choisir le bon framework
  • but
    • exprimer des requetes programmer et provider friendly
      • eviter de coder la requete
      • automatiser le requetage
    • adapte a NodeJS/OpenMQ/MapReduce/... puisque evenementiel et fonctionel
  • lazy evaluation, easy composition
  • Expression comme arbres
    • represente une requete
  • manipulation d'enumerable avec comme source
    • BDDs
    • texte pour les examples
    • mais aussi du code
  • LINQ to object, chainage de fonction
    • puis compilation
  • voir aussi

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UC Engine, af83

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • another aspect, like previous Saturday, on the efforts required to push for technologies
    • including languages
    • against the "build it and they will come" stereotype
  • mostly af83 and friendly technologies?

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Other reviews or coverage

To do

  1. link to previous WebWorkersCampParis
  2. notes on programming, languages, tools, etc...
  3. improve Template
  4. add map data (:ola-point lat= lon= text='':) (La Cantine)
  5. notes from the 15th and the few checks I did
  6. topic that were not really discussed when I was there
    1. geolocalization
      1. HTML5
  7. Grid presentation I missed
    1. myJS by @jie
      1. http://myjs.fr/
    2. SPDY
      1. Wikipedia:SPDY https://github.com/igrigorik/spdy
    3. Sammy.js A Small Web Framework with Class / RESTFul Evented JavaScript
    4. Backbone.js models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface
  8. chat on interfaces
    1. still no collaborative spaces
      1. <100 Microsoft Surface in France?
    2. yet Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Kinect, Apple iPad, ...
    3. recall Seedea:Seedea/Seedea#Interactions
    4. more on Kinect
      1. http://depthjs.media.mit.edu (also added to
      2. http://openkinect.org
      3. http://kinecthacks.net
      4. http://www.freenect.com
      5. http://www.ros.org/wiki/kinect including http://www.ros.org/wiki/mit-ros-pkg used for Kinect Hand Detection aka "Minority Report", MIT CSAIL 2010
  9. PerlDancer The easiest way to write web applications with Perl