Lessons from Supybot

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From personal usage

  • config channel #ml-class supybot.plugins.Web.titleSnarfer false to deactive the titleSnarfer command of the Web plugins solely for the @ml-class channel
  • config supybot.reply.whenNotCommand False to ignore wrong commands
  • for plugins like Poll which are not part of the distribution, check https://github.com/stepnem/supybot-plugins/
    • note that those seem not to be actively maintained anymore
  • problem with "..." interpreted as command
    • can change prefix or ignore commands done in a channel, but not satisfying
    • disable "unknown command"
  • channel ignore add #wikis *!*@* : ignore message from users in this channel
  • identify <name> <password> : identify to the bot
  • load plugin : load a specified plugin
  • list plugin : list the available command of a plugin
  • help plugin command : description of how a command should be used
  • more : continue to print the current buffer
  • config plugins.plugin.option value : set the value of a variable of a plugin

From discussion in #supybot

  • config list plugin : list the variables of a plugin
  • config help plugins.plugin.option : description of what a configuration variable does

Potential work

Wiki(s) through IRC

  • usage
    • hivemind-sb wikisearch PIM term1 term2
      • URL1 URL2 URL3
    • PIM and other wikis imported from OwnWikisNetwork (PmWiki implied, easier for search compatibility)
  • PmWiki with PHP commandline usage at PHP.net
  • PHP-CLI.com running PHP Scripts that aren't on a web server
    • if there is no /usr/bin/php on Debian apply apt-get install php5-cli
    • see also Shell#Debian
  • testing with wikinumberoffiles

See also


KB access

Animation plugin

Goal is to motivate discussion by randomly picking a topic from a base off topic when nobody has talked for a while.

(crontab or better, check the RSS plugin as it periodically do checks)

#get the time of the last activity in the channel
tail path/channellogfile | grep -v "-!-" | sed -e "s/ <.*//" > time

if (now()-time) < 10min
	# not need to check for flood as msg would appear in the logs anyway
	random quote

Finding keys sources within pool of related interest

  • e.g. IRC freenode channels ##ai ##agi ##machinelearning #ai-class #ml-class
  • Spear reference implementation in Python

From Supybook

  • ?


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.