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Upcoming H+ Summit : Live Long and Prosper November 5, 6 and 7, 2010

Overall remarks and questions

  • overall very interesting
  • some talks are a bit too much on the advertising side for their own businesses
    • rather than long term projects for society as a whole
  • hard to have talks when the speaker talk fast and the next go much slower yet staying focus

Talks of the first day

Citizen Science

  1. The Rise of Citizen-Scientists in the Eversmarter World by Alex Lightman
    1. reputation capital
    2. mentioned TBBT


  1. Controlling Brain Circuits With Light by Ed Boyden
    1. actually talk on Seedea:Content/Newconcepts#Optogenetics as first encountered weeks ago
    2. Ed Boyden
    3. Synthetic Neurobiology Group Ed Boyden, Principal Investigator
    4. Seedea:Content/Concepttreefmri
  2. Do we click? Speaker-listener neural coupling underlies successful communication by Lauren Silbert
    1. Do We Click?
    2. Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI)
    3. brain imaging for talk
  3. Why We Age, How Aging is Good For You, How to Live Two Years Longer Using Your Cell Phone & Beyond by Alex Backer
    1. example of the apple falling away from the tree, generation distance
      1. Demons In Eden, An Orchard Invisible
    2. genetic distance between generations
    3. proposing body fail-over system
      1. see also Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain edited by Theodore W. Berger and Dennis L. Glanzman, The MIT Press 2005
    4. Everybody
    5. The Wisdom Paradox
  4. Brain-Computer Interfacing, Consciousness, and the Global Brain: Towards the Technological Enlightenment by Alexandra Elbakyan
    1. References on the Global Brain / Superorganism started in 1996
    2. see also The Ego Tunnel
  5. Reverse engineering intelligence by Noah Goodman, Stanford University
    2. Probabilistic Lambda-calculus
      1. Probabilistic Lambda-calculus and Quantitative Program Analysis Journal of Logic and Computation, Oxford University Press 2005
    3. Cognition#Thinking also proposing distributions as central tools
  6. What Makes a Genius? Maximizing Your Cognitive Potential by Andrea Kuszewski
    1. see also Origins Of Genius
    2. SSRN Author Page METODO
      1. added to
    4. research forms,,,,


  1. Altered Carbon: The Emerging Biological Diamond Age by Andrew Hessel
    1. founder of PinkArmy
    4. Altered Carbon: The Emerging Biological Diamond Age
    5. new IT industry
      1. Seedea:Oimp/Sustainableserverfarm
    6. "eBay for carbon"
      1. Energy#CarbonTax
  2. DIYgenomics Citizen Science by Melanie Swan
    1. MS (Melanie Swan) Futures Group
    2. Democratizing The Genome
    4. Figure 1 - A new model of health and health care of slide 4
      1. interesting model for a more physiologically oriented PIM, cf http://OurP.IM
    5. Health#PersonalGenomics
    6. mention of
  3. Humanity 2020: The Next 10 Years of Human Development by Ramez Naam
    1. Humanity 2020: The Next 10 Years of Human Development
    2. ScanningNotes#Evolution4D
  4. Ronald Bailey from Reason magazine
    1. The democratic threat to transhumanism
  5. Stepping Stones: Commercial Clinical Applications of Neurotechnology by Mikhail Shapiro
    1. Stepping Stones
    2. mentioning BrainGate (cf ExoBrain)
  6. Breakthrough Stem Cell Research by Millie Ray
    1. embryonic stem cell
      1. self renewal
      2. pluripotency
        1. Wikipedia:Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS)


  1. The Brain Preservation Prize: Why Inexpensively Preserving Our Brains After Death is a Good Thing for Ourselves and Society, And What You Can Do to Help by John M. Smart
    1. talk given at the H+ Harvard Summit, June 12-13, 2010 on


  1. Can we extract a mind from a plastic-embedded brain? by Ken Hayworth
    1. Can we extract a mind from a plastic-embedded brain?
    2. citing [{ReadingNotes/The Ego Tunnel]]
    3. Brain Preservation Foundation (BPF)
  2. Sparking our Neural Humanity with Neurotech! by M. A. Greenstein
    1. Sparking Our Neural Humanity
    2. slide7 "Build your own Arduino EEG"
      2. ExoBrain
    3. The next generation in EEG biofeedback
    4. Personalized Medicine - Depression Treatment - Brain Database
    5. The Greenstein Group empowering clients to make real change]]
    6. Bodies In Space
  3. Backyard Brains: Neuroscience for Everyone! by Timothy Marzullo
  4. Backyard Brains by Timothy Marzullo
    1. Backyard Brains entry‐level Brain Recording Kits that provide the ability for a new user population to learn about the brain


  1. The Future Of Pets by Wendy Diamond
    1. Wikipedia:Wendy Diamond
  2. Risks of SETI-programs by Alexei Turchin
    1. Risks of SETI-programs
  3. Regenerative Medicine Roadmap: Guidelines for Science by Maria Konovalenko
    1. Maria Konovalenko's blog
  4. Serious Games: Videogames for Changing the World and Lifelong Learning by Christopher Harz


  1. Why Robots Need to Spend More Time in the Limelight : People Tracking and Artificial Personality by Heather Knight
    1. MarilynMonrobot researching performance robots and running Monrobot Labs in NYC.

Physics and Mathematics

  1. The Democracy of Knowledge by Seth Lloyd
    1. author of Programming The Universe
    2. brief mention of photosynthesis and the link with quantum computation
      1. see also [{Content/Energy]]
  2. Special purpose superconducting quantum processors for disruptively accelerating machine learning by Geordie Rose
    1. DWave CEO
    2. author of ROSE blog Im following since ... months (check OPML logs)
      1. see also Physics and cake by Suzanne Gildert now also working at DWave
    3. talking about AGI
    4. linking with quantum computing
    5. biological process don't lead to quantum brain
    6. consider for "argument central" of RencontreAFTParis
  3. Computation and the Future of the Human Condition by Stephen Wolfram
    1. W|A cf Needs#ToDo
    2. 1h of Mathematica, NKS, W|A through the philosophy of Stephen Wolfram
    3. universities locked-down department since around 1950-1960
      1. coherent with Creation A La Marge CRI professor during our discussion


See also Education

  1. Transhumanism & Education by Kevin Jain
    1. Transhumanism & Education
    2. Harvard College Future Society promote awareness and further understanding of the link between accelerating technological growth and future society and to encourage the use of rational assessment methods in the evaluation of relevant technologies.
    3. proposal with faceface on #hplusroadmap on freenode October 2008
  2. A New Kind of Citizen: Where We Haven't Looked by Jeff Lieberman
    1. Time Warp, MIT Media Lab
    2. Meditation
    3. mention of mindfulness
  3. Citizen Scientists: Disrupting Science... In A Good Way! by Darlene Cavalier
    1. Citizen Scientists: Disrupting Science... In A Good Way!
    2. Science for Citizens The Network for Citizen Science Projects & Resources
      1. Project Finder Match Your Passion & Preferences to a Science Project
    3. Science Cheerleader
    4. Galaxy Zoo where you can help astronomers explore the Universe
    5. see also Foldit Solve Puzzles for Science
  4. Removing Language as a Barrier to Cross Cultural Communication Using the Crowd by Michael Smokens
    1. dotSUB Share your videos in multiple languages in a few simple steps
    2. see also Felipe's project Universal Subtitles recently added to English

AI & Singularity

  1. Is Deep-Layered Machine Learning the Catalyst for an Artificial General Intelligence Revolution? by Itamar Arel
    1. Is Deep-Layered Machine Learning the Catalyst for an Artificial General Intelligence Revolution?
    2. Machine Intelligence Lab & Networking Research Group (MIL)
    4. Wikipedia:Very-large-scale integration and Electronics#FPGA
  2. The Future History Of Artificial General Intelligence by Ben Goertzel
    1. The Future History Of Artificial General Intelligence
    2. Xiamen University’s Artificial Brain Lab (ABL) with Hugo de Garis
      1. Ablwiki Artificial Brain Lab wiki
    3. The Open Cognition Project - OpenCog creating an open source Artificial General Intelligence framework, intended to one day express general intelligence at the human level and beyond.
    4. OpenCog Foundation nonprofit organization, founded in 2010 as a formal vehicle to foster and guide the development of the OpenCog project.
    5. Ben Goertzel, PhD AI, futurism, philosophy of mind, bioinformatics, surrealist fiction, a little personal info, etc.

Talks of the second day


  1. Hype and Anti-Hype in Academic Biogerontology Research: A Call to Action by Aubrey de Grey
    1. SENS Foundation Human Regenerative Engineering
      1. founded to develop, promote and ensure widespread access to regenerative medicine solutions to the disabilities and diseases of aging.
  2. HACCP as a lifespan extention management system by Morris Johnson
    1. HACCP as a lifespan extention management system
    2. Wikipedia:Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)


  1. When the Turing Test is not enough: Towards a functionalist determination of personhood and the advent of an authentic machine ethics by George Dvorsky
    1. When The Turing Test Is Not Enough
    2. substrate chauvinism
  2. Why Uploading Will Not Work by Patrick Hopkins
    1. Why Uploading Will Not Work
    2. Why Arguments Against Mind Uploading Don’t Work — Constant Neural Molecular Turnover by Michael Anissimov, Accelerating Future June 2010
  3. The Problems of Transhumanism Are Problems of the Enlightenment by James Hughes
  4. Military 2.0: Ethical Issues in Human Enhancement and Robotics by Patrick Lin
    1. Military 2.0 - Ethical issues in robotics and human enhancement
    2. Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
    3. Military H+ projects (slide9)
      1. Accelerated Learning
      2. Crystalline Cellulose Conversion to Glucose
      3. Education Dominance
      4. Enabling Stress Resistance
      5. Exoskeleton
      6. Neovision2
      7. Neurotechnology for Intelligence Analysts
      8. Peak Soldier Performance (Metabolic Dominance)
      9. PowerSwim
      10. RealNose
      11. Synthetic Telepathy
      12. Wingsuit (Next-Gen Parachute System)
      13. Z-Man
    4. see also Technical Report GIT-GVU-07-16 Lethality and Autonomous Systems: Survey Design and Results by Lilia Moshkina and Ronald C. Arkin, Mobile Robot Laboratory, College of Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology 2008 and Wired for War by P.W. Singer
  5. How WE create I: Post-Human Identity, Privacy and Self-Value by Heather Schlegel
    1. see also The Ego Tunnel
  6. The Fate of the Meat World by David Pearce
    1. The fate of the meat world
    2. The Hedonistic Imperative outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life.
    3. New Harvest - Advancing Meat Substitutes
      1. nonprofit research organization working to develop new meat substitutes, including cultured meat — meat produced in vitro, in a cell culture, rather than from an animal.

Media & Design

  1. Composing in N-Dimensions by JoAnn Kuchera-Morin
    1. Composing in N-Dimensions
    2. Media Arts and Technology and UCSB
      1. Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology (CREATE)
    3. The AlloSphere at the California NanoSystems Institute, UC Santa Barbara
      1. Visualizing, hearing and exploring complex multi-dimensional data provides insight that is essential for progress in a number of critical areas of science and engineering, where the amount and complexity of the data overwhelm traditional computing environments.
      2. Sphere Spatializer simulation of interactive brain navigation using computational agents, MRI data and 3D (stereo) projectors.
    4. equivalent for Petrobras at Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
    5. see also Seedea:Research/Visualization#Resources
  2. The Oasis of the Surreal: Synthetic Worlds by John "Pathfinder" Lester
    1. Seedea:Oimp.VirtualAtelier
  3. 50 years of Invention and Entrepreneurship: A Retrospective and Introduction of the Next by Nolan Bushnell
    1. skipped most of the content, fetch slides
  4. What Geeks Can Learn From Gurus: Lessons for Transhumanists from the Self Help Expert by Robert Tercek
    3. artworks
    4. see also other cultures, including shinto
    5. suggesting a platform (possibly a wiki) as a repository of positive, proved, good practices
  5. Boiling the Human Convenience and Confusion on the Path to the Singularity by Tony Greenberg, Eric Pulier and Alex Veytsel
    1. Building a Services Market for the Transhuman Era Abstract
  6. Second-Order Enhancement Cybernetics: Brain, Body, Behavior & Social Ecology by Natasha Vita-Moore
    1. Human Enhancement Project
  7. Global TransHumanism: An Analysis of the Top H+ Nations. Praising Their Achievements and Goals by Hank Hyena
    1. see also Choose Your Country
      1. Russia
      2. Italy: aging population, potentially faster than Japan discussion two days before at Rencontre AFT Paris
      3. South-Korea: ecoDome
      4. Netherland: in vitro meat
      5. France: nuclear energy, Jeanne Calmant
      6. Israel: stem-cell research
      7. Germany: pharmaceutical, biotech, solar pannel
      8. Japan: robotics
      9. China
      10. ...
    2. brain drain problem


  1. UX Rocks: How to be a Citizen Scientist and Convert Research Technology to Awesome Usable Products by Amy Li
    1. UX Rocks
  2. Risks of SETI-programs by Alexei Turchin
    1. also done the day before
    2. SETI Risks with its "Possible Scenario of SETI-attack"
  3. Science for Life Extension Foundation Regenerative Medicine Roadmap: Guidelines for Science by Maria Konovalenko
    1. also done the day before


  1. Boom! Making a Creative Revolution by Mark Hatch
    1. Boom! Making a Creative Revolution
    3. went to TechShop in Menlo Park few years ago
    5. my growing and growing Objects page
  2. Intelligence Augmentation, Decision Power, And The Emerging Data Sphere by David Orban
    1. WideTag
      1. architecting computing systems that integrate sensors, positioning devices and memory with social, Web 2.0-style services in applications that revolutionize business and push consumer technology.
      2. see the equivalent discovered via Twitter
    2. Searching For The Question David Orban's blog
  3. Smart Transportation, A Human Revolution by Jessica C. Scorpio
    1. Gettaround, Inc. person-to-person car sharing community.
      1. been using for years now
    2. Possess->Access
      1. The Technium: Better Than Owning by Kevin Kelly, The Technium 2009
    3. mention of CouchSurfing
      1. my profile

Citizen Science

  1. Far Beyond Smartphones: Lessons From Disruptive Technology, Open collaboration, and Breakthrough Mobile products by David Wood
    1. Far Beyond Smartphones
    2. The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Companies Turn Knowledge Into Action by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert I. Sutton, authors of The Knowing-Doing Gap, HBS Press 1999
      1. added to ScanningNotes
  2. Computation of Things: Challenges and Solutions for the Needs of Humanity by Justyna Zander with Pieter J. Mosterman
    1. Computation of Things
      1. Seedea:Seedea/AImatrix
    4. software solutions
      1. CiviGuard, Inc. crisis communication platform
      2. Ushahidi Crowdsourcing Crisis Information (FOSS)
    5. Vademecum
  3. Enlightenment 2.0: Unleashing the Open Science and Open Source Innovation Revolutions by Joseph P. Jackson III
    1. Joseph P Jackson III's Page - P2P Foundation P2P Foundation
    2. Open Science Summit Create an annual flagship event and news hub to build and maintain the identity of the international Open Science Movement.
  4. Do-it-yourself Transhuman Tech by Bryan Bishop
    1. Do-it-yourself Transhuman Tech
    3. irc: #hplusroadmap on freenode
      1. joined months ago
      1. visited the parisian ones past week
        1. see also Creation A La Marge
    5. The Open Prosthetics Project producing useful innovations in the field of prosthetics and freely sharing the designs.
    6. Open Source Tech Cooperative Gnusha


  1. Transhumorist or Like the Future, the Title of This Talk is "To Be Determined (By You)" by Brian Malow
    1. Science Comedian Earth’s Pre­mier Sci­ence Come­dian (self-proclaimed).

AI & Singularity

  1. The Democratization of Disruptive Change: The Power of Hierarchical Thinking by Ray Kuzweil
    2. Wikipedia:Orch-OR (Orchestrated Objective Reduction) theory of consciousness by Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff
    3. FatKat, Inc. created to build industry-leading tools for Quantitatively based investing.
    4. Quantitative Trading
    5. during Q&A "Biology is an information process"
      1. see MyBeliefs#B1 and Programming The Universe
      2. Intelligent Bio thus it became an IT
    6. biological process as code (DNA/amino acids/3D proteins/...)

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