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Introduction, Q&A (started at about 4:42pm PDT)

  • presentation of several participants including
  • Q&A with the 4 panelists
    • definition of OpenScience
      • open=available to anyone in the world to do whatever they want with it without any restriction
    • pre-publication vs. post-publication selection vs. "radical" sharing
      • including data

(feed down from ~5pm to ~5:30pm)

Short Talks

Welcome Introduction by Joseph Jackson

  • the importance of biotech
  • what is IP and what the patent is not
  • rethinking the biotech industry
    • eventually inspired by the FLOSS movement from IT
  • DIY potential but not to overhype
    • http://biocurious.org
    • academia vs. hobbyists is probably not a productive conflict
    • eventually learn from astronomy

Theme 1: Genomics, Gene Patents, and the Future of Biology

Theme 2: The Scientific Process

  • missed /!\
    • (back at 2:55pm for panel Q&A)
    • ~3:02pm peer review favoring incremental rather than radical progress?
    • ~3:15pm proposal to cite a specific part of a paper (data, conclusion, method, ...)
  • see also

Theme 3: The rise of Distributed, Decentralized, Amateur/Citizen Science and Do It Yourself Biology

Theme 4: The Open Innovation Paradigm

Theme 5: Intellectual Property Management to Facilitate Collaborative Innovation

Theme 6: The Role of Universities

See also

To explore

Overall remarks

  • really bio/med focused