1. who am I
    1. who am I not
      1. IP expert
      2. international lawyer
      3. free-trade lobbyist
      4. think-tank member
    2. then why present this?
      1. Le maître ignorant : Cinq leçons sur l'émancipation intellectuelle
  2. goal
    1. drawing a picture of IP
    2. correct it
    3. having a shared view on the current IP situation
  3. structure
    1. 10min on history
    2. 10min to "fix" it
  4. history
    1. ...
    2. conclusion
  5. corrections?
  6. questions?


Motivated by

To do

  1. find an IP expert to peer-review it
    1. Carine's friend?
  2. submitting the presentation
  3. visuals
    1. historical time line
    2. Google Book map of locations
      1. potentially use symbols on strategical analysis with representation of conflicts, victories, resources, etc...
      2. check what Le Dessous des Cartes and other geographical resources offer on that topic
    3. social network
      1. eventually show a very limited set of actors (shareholders?)
        1. thus a clear political structure
    4. symbolic/logic network (GraphViz like)
    5. ideally... superposition of the 3
      1. table where each click progress through an historical step (geo*logic)/hist
  4. mapping principle (methodology of cartographing intangible)
  5. consider the analogy
    1. equivalents entre les intermediaires dans le domaine du physique et ceux du virtuel qui depensent leur energie a re-implementer ce qui permet aux intermediaires de captuer de la valeur a chaque etape du processus entre producteur et consommateur