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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




Applied books


Every strategic and business books are in fact promoting models and usually provide tools in the form of visualization to fill with your own situation. This page aims to apply each book I have read (or even want to read) to my own specific case.

Books and their models used for Seedea

  1. BlueOceanStrategy (BOS)
    1. from BlueOceanStrategy
  2. LeanThinking
    1. from LeanThinking

To do

  1. Template?
  2. books read before
  3. classics
  4. classes at UTC
    • "pieuvre de la valeur" in DI05
    • 4M in GE39
    • import work done cf Work/Co-Evolution/Taches/
  5. decide between dedicated websites and adapted wiki page

Inspired by

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