happened the 10/02/10 in Paris and was invited by Sylvain who is already part of the group and read few books of the book list.

Main topics

Discussion on speed reading

Competitive Strategy

  • by Porter
  • 5 forces
  • CSR
  • ...
  • book structure in presentation of the model then use case applying it in different contexts

Made To Stick

  • S : Simple
  • U : Unexpected
  • C : Concrete
  • C : Credible
  • E : Emotional
  • S : Story

Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip and Dan Heath

HBR use case on HR tipping the chairman on the new CEO

  • Time for an End Run? by Bronwyn Fryer, Harvard Business Review November 2009
  • post scandal situation
  • is it her role
  • ...

Discussion on startup

See also

replace by a fixed list for the trail

To do

  1. sum up (after review with Paola)
  2. twitter with the MBE hashtag and this page
    1. cf