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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




CoEvolution, Project Xye

Consultancy in creativity for free software

Because ROI for startups actually means Return On Ideas


Si (IA == interface de consultant)

dialogue avec IA (etant un model "ideal" vers lequel tendre)
converge, forme apprentissage mutuel
CoEvolution !

Seance process

The whole process is recorded on a local private wiki* that you will be able to rely on later. Participants will edit it during the very seance live that will be conducted. (add a graphic timeline of the seance)

Business model researches

Here I discuss why and how the consultancy business model is the best so far. I included other articles, sources, studies and personal interviews I conducted.

Questions and Answers

This page answers key questions for the target market (startups).


Target market = innovate startups specialized in FSF

* eventually evolving to a visual wiki then a full fledge collaborative creativity suite. Still a work in progress as for now (July 2008, check the live progresses page). A "ready-to-use" package may be available upon demand (server with pre-configured software to use with projectors and multitouch-tables).

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