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Phylogeny of strategies

from Datasets#StratMLRepository (consider datasets from recorded symbolic games like chess, go, RTS including Warcraft or Starcraft, etc)

... history of strategies, compare, look for patterns, eventually simulate (way trickier), ...


Related discussion

20:17 <Utopiah>
20:20 <Utopiah> linking to a discussion I had with the storyteller friend on the "political power" of technological innovation
20:20 <Paola[Gtalk]> storyteller?
20:21 <Utopiah> to say it bluntly, I think politician really have no power beside the power of making others they do have it , which is in itself great power, propaganda power.
20:21 <Utopiah> Stanford dropout friend living in Berkeley
20:23 <Paola[Gtalk]> of making others they do have it --> believe?
20:23 <Paola[Gtalk]> and the link with technology?
20:24 <Utopiah> yes
20:24 <Utopiah> technological innovation is power in "direct action"
20:24 <Utopiah> not regulatory
20:25 <Paola[Gtalk]> ah ok
20:25 <Paola[Gtalk]> now it is clearer
20:25 <Paola[Gtalk]> yes I think so too
20:25 <Utopiah> dont worry Ill write sth about it ;) especially as it's linked to strategical epistemology
20:26 <Utopiah> and thus, I guess, it was always the case, even for "non-technological animals"
20:26 <Paola[Gtalk]> as politicians whathever their power will have to bend or adapt to it anyway
20:26 <Paola[Gtalk]> animals?
20:26 <Utopiah> a turtle
20:27 <Utopiah> it doesn't use tools, relies solely on his own body
20:27 <Utopiah> unlike some birds, primates, etc...
20:27 <Utopiah> thus the ability to leverage technology is giving power, even outside of the human realm
20:28 <Paola[Gtalk]> a turtle has his own house with it
20:28 <Utopiah> (if you think of a bird using a stick as a form of technology, even if simple)
20:28 <Paola[Gtalk]> it naturally omes with tool
20:28 <Utopiah> then it doesn't cound as technology
20:28 <Paola[Gtalk]> evolved technology
20:29 <Utopiah> well, if you think so you still converge toward my point

Link also with

Team-based equivalent

model shared across a team of individual in order to outsmart another team. Is this reducible to the original problematic? If not, why?



Example of usage

In a way, famous mathematician Paul Erdos, designed "knowledge bounties" by putting "prices" on questions he thought might be difficult and valuable.

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