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Cloud computing market auto selectors / Cloud Arbitrage


Code can automatically find its own execution ideal environment based on its requirements and optimize its execution location based on ordered priorities (including costs minimization).


Give to projects like Oimp.Sustainableserverfarm an economical edge thus an incentive to use them over other solutions.

Potential solution

Impact factors

Ordered by importance (the higher, the biggest the impact on the price)

  1. scale of the vendor
  2. PUE of the datacenter of the vendor
  3. local price of energy
  4. legislation regarding local resources consumption
  5. rate of adoption of a new technology

Methodology and its justification : so far... just intuition ;)

Ordering is critical as it will change the resources dedicated to investigating that factor, the higher the importance, the higher the frequency of update and accuracy required.

Eventually factors with short-term and long-term effect might have to be distinguished. For example emissions trading has probably a long-term effect rather than a short-term effect despite its potentially high importance.

Properties that a client is looking for

  1. quality of service
    1. uptime
  2. technical requirement
    1. bandwidth
    2. position in the stack
    3. language environment
  3. price
  4. image of the hosting company
    1. green IT

Methodology and its justification : so far... just intuition ;)


(:pmgraphviz -- digraph { factor_n [label = "factor f"]; subgraph cluster_vendors{ vendor_1 [label = "vendor 1"]; vendor_n [label = "vendor n"]; } client_code [label = "client code\n(set of restrictions)"]; vendor_1 -> vendor_n [label="cost of moving code"]; factor_n -> vendor_1 [label="impacts prices"]; factor_n -> vendor_n [label="impacts prices"]; cluster_arbitrage_solution -> vendor_n [label="estimate behavior"]; cluster_arbitrage_solution -> vendor_1 [label="estimate behavior"]; cluster_arbitrage_solution -> factor_n [label="estimate behavior and impact"]; client_code -> cluster_arbitrage_solution [label="looks for the best environment"]; cluster_arbitrage_solution -> client_code [label="pick environment"]; } :)

See Oimp.CloudArbitrage-Schemas for more explanations.

Components for an integrated solution

IT accounting management


Related events

Business aspects

Consultancy services

Sell expertize about the topic and the related tools in order to help a client to locate their ideal location now and for a specific period in time.

Potentially sell updates.

Building in-house tools

Using description on this page to facilitate decision making AND justification.

Potentially sell those tools or there usage.

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