Jean-BaptisteLabruneOnCreativity, the 28th of February 2011 at 2pm at CRI

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Own objectives

  1. share my own disenchantment regarding 3D printing
  2. explore his concepts
    1. exaptive innovation
    2. creative epistemology

Attended activities

Personal preparation

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  • documenting creativity as it is happening
    • live
      • oriented toward real-timeliness
    • how does this compare to my Live-wikying? cf Events started before summer 2010
  • view creativity
    • different and appropriate
    • no ability to measure or augment
  • pedagogical historical exploration
  • skimming through
  • Wikipedia:Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.)
  • social network aspect of avant-garde, introducing each others
    • e.g. John Brockman and Warhol, now publishing Edge
      • risk of elitism (despite its sometimes positive definition), since being part of the event is not equivalent to reading the blog
        • e.g. through serendipity (cf AIW02#WebAndSerendipity), context through constraints of physical space
          • how to share more than the content
        • unlike the web, but is it enough?
    • yet to check against post-narrative
  • consequently, how to scale such creative and social spaces?
  • architecture of the MIT Media Lab
    • visited with Lea during NY-Montreal09
    • initially the hidden BatCave to the open see-through Media Lab 2.0
  • overall very "correct" research at MIT Media Lab
    • rather than questioning a political or ethical situation
    • the importance of the visible, a "brand"
  • question on the ethical aspect of creations, can they be "badly" used?
  • history of the lab under the chairs
    • physical hidden layer of history of the previous works, technological archeology
  • flexible goal reaching strategy
    • comparing German with precise map vs. Italian way toward a moving target
  • limited space
    • at least require a goal shared with somebody there
    • "a physical space that is bigger than a dinner [to compare with Edge]"
    • discussion on political aspect for acceptance (e.g. tenure)
  • re-productiveness
    • smartness (even though here mostly ADHD/Asperger), money (including here from DARPA here) and space are required
      • but not sufficient
        • need also a culture, not solely an open environment
    • the importance of space comes from "living togetherness"
      • how to deal with not being to live all at the same place?
        • consider networked distributed environment
    • is it even desirable?
      • knowing its own limitations
    • significant amount of people from alternative pedagogical background including Montessori
      • which does not apply to the Engineering department
  • ability to put projects to hibernation
    • a la swapping after saving the process context
  • mention of mecatronics projects
  • on the importance of the availability of machines
  • description of Sprout non-hackerspace space in the actual garage
    • harvested material, including
    • importance again of face to face interaction, not through website
    • yet the whole chain is not necessarily complete yet, some tasks have to be delegated to actual lab
      • not "everything is possible"
    • mention of BioCurious
  • spreading tools
  • importance of shared design
    • efficiency of shared simple rules
  • mention of H+ Summit and critics on some transhumanists and their views

See also @CyBunk's Delicious "web ballade" (and an earlier related proposal Seedea:Oimp/InternetGuide focusing more on the Internet itself)

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Personal remarks

  • requiring a 2nd person view / reflection
    • like brain imaging, might require a new form of discipline not to go offtrack
    • potentially breaking flow
    • requiring more cognitive resources
      • even if later on it might be beneficial
        • e.g. comments in code
  • handling multiple channels
    • equivalent to communication with RT media e.g. Twitter back wall during a talk
  • since interested in epistemology and creative space
    • is there a source? is it MIT Media Lab?
    • if the MediaLab is the main source (or one of its main sources), does it mean it will remain a fundamental place even through an economical paradigm shift as suggested by WithoutNotesFebruary11#MartinFord?
  • direct critic of transhumanism
    • yet for most, it would appear as if he is working in its cradle

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • how to define culture?
  • what are the progresses of scalability?
  • for myself and wiki inclined people : World#CreativeSpace?action=edit
  • live-documenting was not the topic, rather replicating creative spaces

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Other reviews or coverage

  • here

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  2. on self-selection, check my on-going AIW05#TopicProposal
  3. mention of visited before
    1. jdward: fab class Make Something Big
  4. mention of massage and Shiatsu to share with Guerrique