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Lea's pictures from Boston and New-York


  • departure
    • 1st of November 2009
  • return
    • 22nd of November 2009 (arrived the 23rd in the morning)



Day 0, trip

  • add what's in my notebook

Day 1, first entire day in Montreal

  • went to church X?
  • saw McGill uni
  • UQAM to see Lea's classes
  • worked on my prioritization system
  • discovered the municipal library
  • saw Sain-tDenis and Sainte-Catherine streets
  • Foulab

Day 2, Wedesnday

Day 3, Thursday

Day 4, Friday

Day 5, Saturday

  • Concordia University
    • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering research tour with Dainius Juras
  • Olympic Stadium
  • 3 parties with Alban

Day 6, Sunday

Day 7, Monday

  • basketball
  • photography session on the industrial area nearby the bank of the Saint-Laurent river

Day8, Tuesday

Day 9, Wednesday

Day 10, Thursday

  • buying food at Jean-Talon market
    • a light salad (green leafs, tomatoes, grilled bread with honey) with petit fours (tiny pizzas)
      • rucola with walnuts and the honey dressing, crostini
    • salmon on german bread too for entree
    • chicken curry
    • crepes
  • dinner with Francois-Pierre

Day 11, Friday

Day 12, Saturday

  • Dilemn by Cruz Control with several "tag team"

Day 13, Sunday

Day 14, Monday

  • eating at Schwartz
  • walking down Sainte-Catherine and its bookstores

Trip back

temperatures of the 3 cities according to Wolfram|Alpha

17th of November



  • IAC
  • chinese coach from Boston to NY






General remarks

  • bit too inviting "hey, come live here!" several locals and expats who likes it too you have to "believe in it" to stay here
  • hard to find actual canadians bit of an expats grouping despite having no language barrier
  • remarks on how the cold actually makes human relations harder during winter it does have a negative impact on movement even in a large city, less everything during winter, including human contact.
    • Just tiring to move, remove layers andlayers, be sweaty, etc...so you moveles
    • even if not everybody is affected by that, if only a significant part of the population is, it does have an overall impact.
  • Vas-tu venir habite ici au Canada ?
    • non car
      • hivers froid, cf au dessus
      • c'est bien americanise mine de rien (niveau nourriture entre autre)
      • je dois voir le "reste" avant (genre Nouvelle-Zelande)
    • malgre
      • etat d'esprit positif
      • amour de la langue et de la culture francaise (meme si idealise a mon avis)
      • Montreal est bien actif mais pourtant relax
      • Les Laurentides et les autres coins natures


  1. check flight delay with FlightCaster
  2. find a way to do Montreal-NY
    1. buy Greyhound e-ticket
    2. chinese coach (from china town to china town)
    3. train
    4. hitchhike
    5. Cross-Country Travel at eRideShare.com Carpool / Rideshare Community
  3. find places to stay in NY
    1. couchsurfing
  4. pick seat
    1. 767-300 on AA also based on in-seat laptop power


Lea, mobile (514) 649 7233 Pierre/Charlote Flat (514) 527 6781 Francois-Pierre's House (514) 388 6330 henri bourassa, ligne orange, 10900 avenue peloquin kipich 7108 Rue St-Denis, Montreal mobile (514) 803 8069 carole.lachapelle@madep.gov.qc.ca 2:50pm at Guy-Concordia Scores (Ste-Catherine/X) and if changes, coming online to say so Koganei 514-655-5647

Next time (still to do)