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Internet guide


Go to a website an recruit a guide for a pre-determined price and period of time to help you travel the virtual world.

Our mission

Build a learning community sharing an always improving and growing knowledge regarding the Internet.

Proposed trails


  1. guides provide a description of their view of the web and what they generally are interested in
  2. visitors choose a guide based on his description, rating and comments but also previous trails done
    1. eventually a short questionnaire is offered to help automatically find the ideal guide based on the visitor competences and needs
  3. they both agree on a specific time
  4. they interactively browse together thanks to a dedicated tool (eventually based on Flock or a cross-browser plugin resembling the former me.dium plugin)
    1. the dedicated tool record information regarding time, places (basically an history) and the chat so that in case of conflict regarding the service, a third party can judge
  5. after the session, the visitor can
    1. annotate his history/chat with the guide
    2. publish this annotated session
    3. rate the guide
    4. send a tip



  1. make a website with the guiding tool to download and a video on how to do it
  2. add a video of a simulated guided trip
  3. make a button with a "book this guide"
  4. recruit guides
    1. visit made by the recruiter and guided by the potential new guide
      1. tech-savvy people requiring an income and wanting to share their knowledge
      2. social and pedagogical "otakus"
      3. social and pedagogical students in IT/CS
  5. make few free or low cost "virtual trips" to tune the sysem
  6. make advertisement in some website to become popular enough
  7. make profits to re-invest in
    1. better toolboxes
    2. better guides
    3. teach guides thanks to dedicated live and real conferences from state of the art research

# stop doing it personally and delegate management # move to Bahamas ;)


Example toolbox of a guide


How is it different from...

Mainly, existing services provide answer to quick question and not a learning experience on how to use more efficiently an always evolving tool. They are on the time scale of a shorter period (few seconds) and not based on a conversation, a learning way that most people are used to.

The expected experience

(take the position of a visitor and express your wishes)

Target market

Who is the ideal visitor ?

Somebody wanting to improve his/her Internet experience based on his current needs or because he/she think he will need more in the near future.

How did he/she found the service knowing that he/she does NOT know the Internet so well?

Who should not visit and use this service ?

Income streams


Discussion with Phantom and my pleasure in sharing links (numerous emails, delicious "2share", OIMP Internet sharing for friends, ...) and also my work on Geography of the intangible or Visual Ant Wiki (with its trails).

Probably Let Me Google That For You too but also my idea of the "the network traversal" blog (cf previous notes)

To explore

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