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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators




CoEvolution's tools

Those are tool either made for Seedea. They can are always made by ourselves but can sometimes be inspired by others. References are always made.

Integrate Seedea.CogTool, "To move to Seedea.Todo" and "To move to Seedea.optmodules" from Seedea.SandIdeabox here.

Fundamental tools from Seedea.ExternalTools will be gradually integrated (if possible as API/SaaS components to insure scalability and updates) based on demand an potential.

Business Model Innovation Canvas

Author : Alexander Osterwalder Test it here

Network Tool

(propose a Paola) Used to find clients with indirect paths Example : incubators instead of innovators/creators To use for : help to locate people responsible of their tools/infrastructure/buys Xye.Targetmarket and clients of Seedea.Alternatives on the GoBan?

Opportunity Bottle

(like Paola's butterfly net) little story with the "mures sur la route"

Imagination Boat

Imaginacion es la solucion! Made somewhere between Yosemite & San Francisco =) 10/8/8 Este barco te llevara donde sea que quieras ir Angela Things are what they do not seem to be

Idea evolution over time (Ideavolution)

  1. Gather data
    1. pmWiki RSS
    2. rinse/refine
    3. add extra information
      1. timezone
      2. localization
  2. Generate renderings of the page
    1. URL to PNG (another xoops tool)
  3. Display evolution over time
    1. REST-based Dipity API
  4. Link a tool template (which describe creativity tools, lists of little helps to formulate an idea) to Seedea modules template (to actually be integrated in a computer form) and a listing for each (to automatically generate the todo list).
22:17 < UtopiahGHML>
22:22 < UtopiahGHML> (it's my wiki edition visual timeline directly from pmWiki AllChanges RSS)
22:22 < ardchoille> UtopiahGHML: Nice job :)
22:22 < UtopiahGHML> well I didn't do anything but I think if I could do that with a little MarkUp users could enjoy a cool visual timeline of their projects
22:23 < UtopiahGHML> (need to look at Digity API though)
22:25 < UtopiahGHML> it doesn't take comment edition either but Im sure there is sth good to do with it, especially since it's possible to add images so... one could imagine rendering pmwiki pages and have a visual evolution of the wiki :D
22:25 < UtopiahGHML> (damn Im stupid, I wanted to do that with GraphViz as a network of pages and now I can just directly use Digity API to do it for me!)
22:31 < UtopiahGHML> someone know a good way to render pages and take screenshots?
22:31 < UtopiahGHML> like some URL2PNG API

11:54 < UtopiahGHML> Im looking for visualization so that contributer can see visual timeline of their projects
11:56 < UtopiahGHML> ideally I would call Dipity API to add rendering of the wiki pages and this have a visual evolution over time

Simulation for idea success projection (Ideamulation)

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