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Seedea, scalable creativity

Xye, consultancy for serious creators





Client selection matters because according to BacktrackLearning and CAEE, clients themselves will be part of the feedback loop!

Dreams users

  1. University labs
    1. MIT/Harvard/X/... (specific links to add)
      1. names of the person interested in it, not "faceless institution"
    2. their researchers are the future startups creators
  2. innovation labs (linked to universities or not, for-profit or not)
    1. Association XMP Entrepreneur
    2. Intellectual Ventures Lab
    3. Hacker Spaces (with its hackerspace-os)
      1. note that some companies are already targeting them with products, e.g. adafruit
      2. planned discussion with kristianpaul initiator of Liure Hacklab
    4. Idea Translation Lab (ITL) at Harvard, Boston
    5. Le Laboratoire, Paris
  3. online labs and incubators
    1. Mozilla Labs
    2. W3C Incubator Activity
  4. business oriented DIY places
    1. TechShop and similar projects
    2. Local Motors
  5. Innovation Management Institute and other innovation consultancy firms
    1. they might have a methodology but not necessarily tools
  6. workshops and events where innovators and innovation managers meet (automatically gather agenda with dates)
    1. like DICamp, StartUp weekend, MeetUp, ...
    2. Hackerspace Events
    3. Cognizance Techfest in India, Where ideas converge
    4. PayPal X Innovate 2009 PayPal's first ever developer conference Nov 3-4 in San Francisco
    5. Big Ideas Fest by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME)
  7. online events
    1. IBM InnovationJam 2008
  8. alternatives/hybrid/unknown models
    1. Palomar5
  9. users of Alternatives
  10. Patrick Gunkel cf and his book
  11. Orlinksy, Incubateur UTC
  12. incubators
    1. France Les incubateurs d'entreprises innovantes liés à la recherche publique

Trusted/Inspiring social network

  1. Alex from BMI for the BMI.BMI canvas
  2. visual language guy from Xplane
  3. Ken Thompson bioteams with the visualantwiki
  4. Susan Blackmore cf personal email with the emergence dectector
  5. Daniel Dennett, philosopher
  6. Andy Clark, philosopher
  7. Stark, French designer
  8. Raymond Yee, professor at Berkeley and interested in personnal information management cf personal email


Avoid any form of suggestion, just thank them and keep them updated, eventually a potential present or a numeroted number. Do it ONE by ONE, no general email!


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