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Seedea, scalable creativity

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Seedea's virtual assistant


Have a mini-tachikoma (friendly robot from Ghost in the Shell) always running in the background.


Your team/lab/company/university's mascot as your assistant!

Federate your team around Seedea by leveraging your culture. Your community will then be gathered around your own mascot and be creative in a joyful atmosphere.

PS : it would also be used to simplify connectivity by providing IM login of the mascot instead of "Seedea". It could be said to "live within" the SeedeaKey ;)

Technical platform and interactions

Technically it could be a desktop widget or just a tray application, something based on ToolsRSSnotifier?.

It would basically be a specific interface to Input so that IM and other mean would be added more easily since it's easier for people to add a "virtual assistant" than a tool.

One version would also be on the website (little AJAX show), probably only in the dedicated Tech community, and would propose to get installed for users who want to.

Visual interface

Visuals should be extremely light, not 3D rendering and no large image, probably fixed size pictures with 16 different movement/positions.

Find PixelArt version, 128x128 with transparency (png or gif) with a predefined set of position/actions with transitions between them.

Even possibly... for real fans... a real mini-tachikoma ;)

Desktop(Offsite)->Website(Onsite) and Website->Desktop

Principle : having one seamless assistant.

Have it as a desktop widget but also integrated to the website, your same personalized mini-tachikoma would follow you when you are on the website and when you live it.

To manage the transition manually :

To manage the transition automatically :

The difficulty is to detect when the user is on the website and when he is not without being intrusive.


Onsite environment (website widget)

See (:seedeavirtualassistant:) recipe for pmwiki.

Offsite environment (desktop widget)

  1. modify RSSNotifier to include
    1. Non-rectangular Windows Update from The Rabbit Hole
    2. pictures of the mascot for all the moves
    3. calls to Seedea API
    4. handle transitions
    5. prepare a configuration file?
      1. double-click link it to the user dedicated profile of his assistant
      2. RSS on his own ideas
      3. personally generated Seedea API key
  2. package all this as a JNLP file
    1. include a link within Seedea website

To explore

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