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The history of idea management

Time line

Colors as Dimensions

  • technological progress
  • social organization progress
  • methodological progress
  • political progress?
  • biological progress?
  • CoEvolution work


In order to realize this inquiry we will study the evolution of the scientific method since we use the hypothesis that science progress by reaching the state of the art then going further. We will suppose that philosophy and science converge since in history most scientific discipline have evolved from an informal stage often called philosophical or folk science to a more formalized form (references should be added).

The evolution of art could also be a path to explore but since it is often said to be without method, it will be studied only later on.

Potential path

the evolution of the scientific method and its supporting tools


direct experiment, actions >> talk >> printing press >> computing tools >> software >> social software

To integrate

To do

  1. Remove buzzwords by remembering who the public will be (so far only internal but doesn't want it to look like Sokal's experiment)
  2. working out something precise / what has already been written (cf the To integrate section)
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