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Visual Personal Finance

Initiator : Fabien


use a system to connect accounts visually

You have to make strategical choice and every single buying/saving action is a decision that will have consequences for the rest (hence the notion of visual flow) : everything is an investment; even buying roses for your fiance.

(:pmgraphviz -- digraph { incomeA [label="incomeA " style=filled fillcolor=green]; incomeB [label="incomeB" style=filled fillcolor=green]; incomes [label="incomes" style=filled shape="invtrapezium" fillcolor=green]; nutrition [label="nutrition" style=filled fillcolor=white]; housing [label="housing" style=filled fillcolor=white]; savings [label="savings" style=filled fillcolor=green]; meat [label="meat" style=filled fillcolor=white]; rest [label="rest" style=filled fillcolor=white]; valve1 [shape="octagon"]; valve11 [shape="octagon"]; valve12 [shape="octagon"]; valve2 [shape="octagon"]; valve3 [shape="octagon"]; incomeA -> incomes; incomeB -> incomes; incomes -> valve1 -> nutrition; nutrition -> valve11 -> meat; nutrition -> valve12 -> rest; incomes -> valve2 -> housing; incomes -> valve3; valve3 -> savings [label="deduced from the rest" style=dotted]; } :)

Example diagram of the flow system

Abstraction of the problematic

In situ example

  1. you wire your payment system to your bank account
  2. your bank account to your local Wallmart
  3. you turn a wheel to say you want to
    1. spend 5% on food
    2. save 80%
    3. spend the rest on clothes
  4. look at the result
    1. asking yourself "Am I making increasingly better investments according to my expected lifestyle?"

All visually and keeping statistics of it

The system would provide default templates based on your lifestyle

Get details on a specific valve, you would see the history of the values

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