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Potential extensions

Note that most of those are actually to consider for code repository overall, thus could be interesting for Git too.

  • wiki
    • see discussion on #wiki/freenode at 08:58 the 17/09/2010 with TheSheep, author of hatta-wiki.org
  • project self-management with Proposals.ProjectMeritocracy
  • ΦFP-oriented feed reader
    • currently using newsbeuter which might be more programmable
  • programming vocabulary learner
    • described on ##PIM/freenode at 11:26 the 14th of September 2010
    • see Cognition#LearningNewLanguage
    • Python related example by Dan Villiom P. Christiansen (danchr on #mercurial/freenode)
      • (:toggle init=hide id=Tools.Mercurial button=1:)
from mercurial import hg, ui

repo = hg.repository(ui.ui(), '.')

for r in repo:
  ctx = repo[r]
  l = 0
  for f in ctx:
    l += ctx[f].data().count('\n')
    # ctx.data() returns the text of the file
  print r, l

From personal use


To do

To explore


My notes on Tools gather what I know or want to know. Consequently they are not and will never be complete references. For this, official manuals and online communities provide much better answers.