Copyright vs. Community by Richard Stallman at Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, November 2010

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Not the classical talk on free-software

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Rather, can the principle be extended to "content"?

  • what is the actual role and impact of copyright?
  • history of the copying technologies
    • changes with economy of scale (classical printing press example)
      • resulting in political power shifts
  • and now we are back to the ancient world
    • mass copying is not that advantageous
      • thus tome to question copyright at large again
  • history of the emergence of "digital handcuffs"
  • application of his own moral and ethical (even political) framework (4 freedoms + anonymity ?) by refusing to play music from musicians pressed on CD that do not respect this framework
  • platforms of control
    • Sony PS3 and remote updates, Apple AppleStore, ...
    • examples specific to book
      • Amazon "Swindle" (and 1984 remote deletion), Apple iPad, ...
        • an attack on (literary) friendship in which sharing a book is fundamental
  • "conspiracies" of companies boasting publicly about the agreements against the public usages
  • overall numerous example on the opposition copyright holder and value creator and their relationship
    • distinction between the "star" and the "normal" creator
      • yet advertised differently (PR work)

Proposal : "Reduced Copyright System"

  • 10 years of copyright from day of publication of the work
    • first rough adjustment, can be lower
    • based on discussions with author, example of scifi writer wanting... less
  • limit the breadth of copyright
    1. work of practical use
      • e.g. software, recipes, etc
      • required to control your own life
      • eq. to 4 freedoms
    2. work as other people thoughts
      • e.g. memoirs, biographies, scientific papers, etc
      • no derivative commercial use, no modification by others
      • freedom to share
    3. work of art & entertainment
      • which has a value by the impact it creates
      • risk of losing integrity by modifications
      • risk of losing significant contributions
        • should allow remix if it does not denature the initial work
  • review the repartition and mechanisms of the "Hype Industrial Complex" (publishers, majors, labels, ...)
    • tax redistributing on a square root (log, etc) function of popularity
    • voluntary payment
      • mention of Francis Muguet and the Global Patronage System
      • promote the freedom to share
  • remarks on the cost of convenience
    • see also "Il faut choisir, se reposer ou Ítre libre." Thucydide


  • based on all those example, is making money equivalent to restricting freedom?
    • no
  • existing solution to listen to music today?
    • flattr, Jamendo, ...
  • can we use the "cloud"?
    • do not even use the "nebulus" word, SaaS overall is evil
  • How to enforce the 10 years of copyright period proposed in the Reduced Copyright System?
    • not with digital handcuffs
  • Is there an entirely free stack, are you using it down to the hardware?
    • what matters is open design thus documentation should be enough
    • plus (and in contradiction with earlier point on mass production) we don't have the mean to produce "free" en masse computers
    • consequently currently using a free BIOS (maybe )
    • Campaign for Free BIOS by Peter Brown, FSF February 2010
  • If I am developing a plugin for an aGPL platform, what license should it be?
    • depends on the way the components are interacting
  • What your view on IP?
    • the expression is dangerous because it imply a possible generalization, patent law and totally different from copyright
  • Do you think "bioware" can be patented? (example of possible DNA poetry)
    • term is vague but overall one can not patent a naturally occurring sequence
  • What is your position on trademarked names of project making GPL software?
    • neither good nor bad
  • How to search freely?
    • back to the question on SaaS and on the means you have at your disposal, use a free browser
  • Would you accept a life-saving medical implant without it respecting the 4 freedoms?
    • yes if it is no modifiable thus being equivalent to a circuit
    • else no
      • but it is too easy to say so now

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Own objectives

  1. update my "ideology"

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Other reviews

To do

  1. own feeling of community fit equivalent to product/market fit
    1. thus the value in not staying static but exploring several communities
  2. because of MyBeliefs#B1 maybe I should consider his framework (4 freedoms) also as fundamental and more generally than currently
  3. see also
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