Provide a thematic way to explore the wiki based on the visitor own declared interest.

Manually prepared trails

links will open in a new window/tab

Technology trail

  1. Tools
  2. Bypassing
  3. Electronics

Scientific trail

  1. Biology
  2. step
  3. step

Liberal arts trail

  1. Sophisms
  2. Art
  3. Philosophy
  4. AutoDebate

Personal trail

  1. Fabien
  2. Events
  3. Food
  4. MyAphorisms

Automatically generated trails

links will open in a new window/tab

Enter your own website URL to extract keywords

Enter relevant keywords directly separated by commas

(:TrailGenerated:) (temporarily disabled)

Inspired by

Yet another remark about the aggressive amount of information from the main page.

To do

  • Tools/PmWiki#trails for Seedea:Oimp/InternetGuide
    • httpd logs and Wiki/Numbers for Seedea:Oimp/Visualantwiki
    • Wiki/Visualization
      • how can it be integrated on pages in a way that would not obfuscate non trailer users?
  • trail updates in order to keep in mind
    • consider RSS feeds
  • provide a "step by step" exploration based on the number of visits
  • generate trails based on people interest
    • those interests would be represented by keywords either
      • typed directly or
      • extracted from their own website, blog, twitter account
    • pages would thus required
      • to be tagged (or simply rely on semantic services currently used)
      • to have some form of order, maybe explicit or maybe relying on existing links between pages, eventually their numbers
  • check via TheSheep