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Social annotating

The tool for efficient "inter-preneurs"

Initiator : Fabien


The goal is to provide a simple way to safely write and keep crucial information about your contacts.

In situ example

Facebook indicates that Michelle birthday arrives in 3 days. Now is the time to think about an original present. Instead of writing in on a piece of paper why not write on her profile but without her knowing it ?

When you go on LinkedIn and see her profile again you can see that she has amongst her contact a co-worker. By seeing that you are actually looking for a present for her you decide to contact her co-worker.

Targeted Market

Serious social networkers who are technology savy.

Proposed solutions

Prototype visualization

Sites to overlay

Technical propositions

name_of_contactNoteslist of SN profiles
Jack BauerNice guy but a bit too stressed sometime. Should hook him up with Jo Im sure they would enjoy playing squash together.
Jonathan RousselCurrently working on improving his consulting skills. Recently divorced from Cecilia but doing ok with it.
KristianaLovable, bit hippie, hopes to go to Thailand soon.
Kristianaathlete, cook, atheist

bold text represents ID of each table.

API interface (default type=string):

Abstraction of the problematic

Social networks provide online way to publish personal information and connect with contacts but usually no way to write a personal note about someone without publishing it.

How do you cope with such situations ?



To integrate

Potential alternatives

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