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Language pot

Initiator : Fabien
Investor : Paola

Example of usage

  1. you are reading an article you like
  2. you like it because it's interesting, so you are focused and having a good time learning.
  3. At the same time you are a bit disappointed because, once again, it's in English, and what you like to do this day is improving your French
  4. so imagine that every Nth word would be replace by a French word and, if you move your mouse over it, you could see the English original word

You would then improve your French at the same time, and, because it's a word in a context, you wouldn't have to look it up in a dictionary, you'd just deduce the meaning.

Expected result

  1. Reducing the overload of only new vocabulary
  2. Focusing on content that matters to you (and not blank "learning material")


You learn a new language while browsing pages your favorite pages in your native language.


Demonstration of the solution applied to an online article (English speaker learning French).

Business model

  1. opportunity = problem + skills
    1. you have a need
    2. I have the skills
    3. we can build on this situation to mutually gain.
  2. In order to build it some resources are needed
    1. some initial investment has to be made to build the 1st version
    2. since it's an intellectual product, this 1st version could be reproduced to infinity without additional costs
      1. paying for the first version entirely is not fair
  3. we promote this to gain more coverage
    1. future gains are thus shared by ratio of time to enter (inversionally proportional amount since last enters took less risk)
    2. shares would always be a percentage
      1. if nobody donates the initial investor still has a solution for its needs but the person who work on the solution does not have to re-reimburse for a work he already produced

All parties thus win relatively to their inmplication on the project (work, early investment and risk taking)

Motivation for making it a project with symbolic investment


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