We have tips but basically a person tip the last link of the value chain. In the pre-virtual currency era it made sense as it was the only realistic scenario. Now with lower feers and facilitated claimable small amounts the situation is, I believe, mature enough to change.

ValuePie allows you to tip (or pay, as you prefer) not just the person who posted content but rather him or her AND everybody involved in the process with a fair.

Value proposition as slogans

  • Value Pie, Happy to pay
  • Value Pie, Making trickle-down economics happen today
  • Value Pie, Because fair trade shouldn't stop with coffee
  • Value Pie, Consumerism done right
  • Value Pie, Making the market care for moral values
  • Value Pie, Money is not bad but the unfair distribution of money is.


The typical example would be a song posted here for which somebody would like to tip :

  • 05% to the person who shared the link
  • 20% to the song writer
  • 10% to the violinist
  • 20% to the pianist
  • 25% to the singer
  • 10% the sound engineer
  • 10% the visual designer

One could imagine the same with fruits and vegetables freshly produced, etc.

PS: Initially people would be a bit apprehensive of the complication but used once or twice it would become quite easy and natural. Eventually one could imagine complexification on top e.g. the user would be allowed to adjust percentage according to his own view or appreciation (easily visualized with a pie chart). The user would also be able to grow or reduce the pie.

Ideally each recipient would also have the possibility to do the same and this automatically For example, if the song writer relied on a friend for proofreading and another for inspiration he or she could give a share to each. This creates a whole network of payment, not simply a one off event.


  1. scan barcode
    • or get the catalogue of products and services directly on your phone as you enter the place
  2. avoid searching for hours excavating the data
  3. get pie chart
  4. adjust sliders
  5. single tap for details of a pie slice
  6. pay button to pay easily and more importantly be happy to pay because you understood what you pay for and feel it is right

Example https://wireframe.cc/IVN9Xf

This step by step process should be visualized with an Ikea instruction manual style

Pitch text

Current proposal

Hi, I'm Fabien, a curious geek in pursuit for happiness.

You go to Carrefour you buy a watermelon for 1euro (show with hands)

  • 90 cents go to Carrefour
  • 5 cents to the logistic supplier
  • 5 cents to the farmer in Spain

Is that fair? Do you want to change that? (show moving slide on the watermellon)

Value Pie provide you the chance to directly change the price structure.

We empower the consumer but also provide the data to the producer and distributor to change and improve.

I'm looking for business people to find the right product/market fit and designers to make the whole experience seamless.

Cf multiple videos of that pitch.


  • solution->problem Should insist more on the painful aspect before proposing a solution
    • make people relate on the core issue e.g.
      • paying for music and having major labels getting biggest slice of the pie instead of the artist
      • paying for vegs and having distributor getting biggest slice of the pie instead of the farmer
    • too early to explain how it can be fixed


See directly ValuePie.org


Value proposition

Lead to much more open and hopefully a more fair economical system.

  • for consumers to understand and optional adjust the value chain
  • for producers (and ALL participants in the value creation of each product) to get precise statistics on the perception of value for each product, bringing Internet analytics to the real world

Value proposition visualized

going from this current horrible situation -> thanks to Value Pie ->to this pleasant experience

Interested parties

  • Pay what you want farm in Bretagne, as visited with Paola and Gilbert
  • Independent alternative shop owners
  • Retail chains
  • Networks of producers (to clarify)
  • Online alternative shops


  • yes Carrefour, Amazon, etc and distributors overall can also get their slice
  • Bitcoin is optional, just a more convenient way to make an MVP
  • yes taxes can be paid live too or delegated for a later time
  • consumers can grow or reduce the size of the pie by picking its rim
  • producers can set the initial dividing sliders and the size, they can put a minimum and maximum size
  • the initial idea was for in store purchases but it can very easily be adapted to online purchases e.g. displaying the pie chart during check-out
  • why stop there, why not challenge the POS UX in general?
    • of course it could happen but it's a very tricky process
      • first inserting in it through
        • pleasure for clients by paying the fair price
        • efficiency through producers by gathering statistics on what is actually perceived as valuable and actually paid for
      • once this is done and with proper funding it is possible to extend to much more complex usages e.g.
        • pay the average price split and splits
          • by other users, by my friends, etc
          • directly order items while entering the place, without waiting for the menu

Motivation aka pain points


With M

Result of our morning walk from the pool to Schuman

What is the value?

  • market research data for producer
  • making the consumer happier by educating him or her


  • ideal clients
    • long term large distributors like Carrefour, Amazon, etc
  • first clients
    • short term small producers like Esty, La Saga, etc

Remarks for new video, cf Youtube video #4.

With P

What shop owners or producers do you know who would like to provide such a service?

  • M's mother and sister as former and maybe current clothing sellers

In what shops or distributors would like to user such a service?

  • Bio shops
    • Exki
    • Le Pain Quotidien
  • Bookshops


  • knowing how much does the owner actually make
  • overall shops that seems to ride on a wave of hype

Resulting ideas

  • Could suggest shops owner to display at the entrance what others (e.g. Amazong for bookshops, Carrefour for Exki, etc) offer.
  • Biggest margin misconception amongst consumers?
  • Biggest price frustration amongst consumers?
  • Biggest margin misconception amongst producers?
  • Show around me shops that spend at least X% on
    • recycling
    • fairtrade
    • organic certification

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