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Seminar on Mind, Language and Cognitive Science

February 2005, University of Iceland, Reykjavik for SC02 Seminaire interdisciplinaire international de sciences et technologies cognitives at UTC

Papers studied

(1) Language and Mind: Basic Concepts

  • Function and Concept, Fredge, Translations from the Philosophical Writings of Gottlob Fredge
  • On Sense and Meaning, Fredge, Translations from the Philosophical Writings of Gottlob Fredge
  • Bedrock, Guttenplan, An essay on Mind

(2) Classical Cognitive Science I: The computer metaphor and levels of explanation

  • Computer Science as an empirical inquiry: Symbols and Search, Newell and Simon
  • Philosophy and the approach, David Marr, chapter 1 of Vision, 1982

(3) Classical Cognitive Science II: Symbolic systems and representation

  • Why there still has to be a language of thought, Fodor, Mind and Cognition, Lycan ed.
  • Connectionnism and cognitive architecture: a criticial analysis, Fodor and Pylyshyn
  • Intelligence without representation, Brooks

(4) Reduction as a Theoretical Ideal in the Sciences

  • Reduction of theories, E. Nagel, The Structure of Science
  • Is consciousness a brain process?. Place. The Mind-Brain Identity Theory
  • Eliminative materialism and the propositional attitudes, Churchland, Journal of Philosophy, 1981
  • What is it like to be a bat?, T. Nagel, Philosophical Review, 1974
  • The explanatory gap, Levine, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 1983

(5) Materialism and the Reduction of the Mental

  • Material mind, Davidson, Essays on Actions and Events

(6) Philosophy of Mind: Indeterminacy and Mental States

  • Translation and meaning, Quine, chapter 2 of Word and Object
  • On the reasons for indeterminacy of translations, Quine, The journal of Philosophy, 1970
  • Indeterminacy, empiricism and the first person, Searle, The journal of Philosophy, 1987
  • Indeterminacy and mental states, Follesdal, Perspective on Quine, Barret & Gibson ed.

(7) ?

  • not present in the original listing

(8) Cognitive Theory and Virtual Reality

  • Ecological optics, J.J. Gibson Foundations of Cognitive Science: The Essential Reader
  • The theory of affordances, J.J. Gibson, chapter 8 of An Ecological Approach of Perception
  • How direct is visual perception? Some reflections on Gibsons ecological approach, Fodor and Pylypshyn, Cognition, 1981
  • Where brain, body and world collide, Clark, Deadalus, 1998
  • How a cockpit remembers its speed, Hutchins, Cognitive Science, 1995

(9) Linguistic Competence and Cognition

  • Methodological preliminaries, Chomsky, chapter Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
  • Language and nature, Chomsky, Mind, 1995
  • Grammar, psychology, and indeterminacy, Stich, Journal of Philosophy, 1972
  • Meaning, grammar, and indeterminacy, Neale, Dialectica, 1987
  • Some notes on what linguistics is about, Fodor, Readings in the Philosophy of Psychology

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