• the first time you buy a new tool get the model with the least options
    • next time you get that tool you adapt your model selection based on your needs
  • salary is mainly the result of
    • how much information is processed
    • how new the "algorithm" to process it is
    • how much is comforts the current power system
  • to the question why does X is so complicated, understand its phylogeny and eventually ontogeny, if it does not help, continue the recursion
  • encoding from STM to LTM is the short-term equivalent to deciding which area to study
    • the first is an estimation of memory ROI, the last of cognitive skills and area strategy evolution ROI
    • they both are application to the answer of the question What can I learn today that will be useful today and still have value tomorrow?
    • epistemic function of estimated the topic with maximum increase of chance of survival over time
  • urban gradient
    • one can infer from the flow during rush hour of the places with high salaries and low rent
  • social tension within a city
    • density of different cultures and proportional of the impact on the place (e.g. minimum impact for travelers, maximum impact for migrants involved in the political system)
  • emergence
    • hint of a lack of a complete understanding not just between entities and their interactions but also with their environment
    • the "new" behavior is neither new nor inherently complex but rather an indicator that the model of the external observer or interpreter is incomplete
    • see also EmergenceEnSciencesCognitives#OwnPosition
  • expressive power
    • maximizing expressive power while taking learning costs into account
    • used in PersonalUX
    • to consider also for creativity and innovation
  • guilt
    • it is appropriate to feel guilty when you are consciously involved in a process that you think is not moral or ethical
    • potentially an improvement mechanism, an engine of change if used properly
  • decision making
    • if a decision has a lot of possibilities (e.g. picking up a name) but either low impact or easy reversibility then one should time-box this decision
  • vocabulary usage
    • speak with increasingly rare required words based on constant feedback with other participants to the disussion
      • rare words are important but they convey very specific meaning in a condensed form, they can reference to an entire strictly delimited body of knowledge
    • forming hermeneutic coupling
  • credibility/truth
    • entirely clear and logical chain of causal events
      • the removal of each item would break it
    • at least two independent sources
      • at least one credible source
    • being falsifiable
    • referring explicitly to a public methodology
      • using a well known scientific experimental protocol
        • having multiple independent laboratories conducting the same experiment producing coherent results
    • availability of data that lead to the conclusion
    • apply the same verification to the past track of records
    • no obvious form of error, self deception or bias
    • consider stakes
      • including but not limited to social recognition
    • see also
  • queuing
    • supermarket
      • number of item
      • age
      • family structure
      • objective of the person queuing
      • ability of the worker
      • chances of accident
    • see also Wikipedia:Queueing theory
  • lane selection
    • map
    • individual behavior
      • how much does each individual know and wants to optimize
    • group behavior
      • distribution of traffic over time and space
  • reaching a rendez-vous point
    • increase by 25% the time required for new locations

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