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Presentation for PersonalUX aka Pimp my UI at Fabelier, proposed by @cybunk/@mazieres after AIW03

  • to present
    • at Fabelier, 9th of February

Personal UX

Because having a P.C. means you must tweak it to your usages (or drop the P)


  1. Warning
  2. Key principles
  3. But what for?
  4. Window Manager
  5. Browsing
  6. Personal Information Management
  7. Mediated live social interactions
  8. Going further


  • this presentation exists because
    • somebody might learn a thing or two
    • at least... me!
      • your feedback will help me improve
  • I am not advocating a tool for any usage
    • other than mines
  • for (hairy) GNU/Linux advocates
    • all that I will present is available on your platform
  • following principles rely on my own non-scientific philosophical view

Key principles

  • throw away your mouse now
  • automatize to free your mind (cf Crontab)
  • distractions kill your ability to handle complex tasks
  • trick yourself
    • into new good practices
    • lose old habits
  • abstractions give flexibility
  • then maximize your screen real estate

But what for?

  1. Maximize Wikipedia:Expressive power, how much you can create with how little you need
  2. There are quantitative thresholds that lead to qualitative shifts.

curves on the blackboard

Window Manager

  • everything can look nice when it's not used
    • minimalist skin, the content has to be the focus point
  • cute is evil
    • literally, cf all the amount of time spent per week on cats and puppies () and ... boobies ()
  • a wallpaper can be more than cute
    • e.g. representing a new habit I want to use
  • who needs an icon?
  • cmd.exe
    • yes Windows have a shell and you can script it (a bit)
  1. wallpaper
  2. classical M$ windows+m...
  3. AHK shortcuts
    1. starting a shell
    2. editing the list of commands
    3. pasting content in temps Vim instance


  1. la 1ere fois j'ai teste et abandonne au bout de moins de 5min
    1. et puis quelques temps apres, en ayant l'impression de perdre mon temps sur le web j'y ai repense
    2. quand j'ai essaye de nouveau du a un besoin ressenti, j'ai fait l'effort et la, pas de retour en "arriere" possible.
  2. abstractions give flexibility
    1. e.g. gng binded changed when I changed from Bloglines to Google Reader

Personal Information Management

  • my wiki, cf PmWiki (sorry for those who know me)
    • personal skin
    • visualization of updates, cf Gnuplot
    • visualization of social network
  • memorization recalls, cf MemoryRecipe ()
  • integration with most tools presented before, especially Vimperator and Vim
  • analysis of browsing history during conferences
  1. jumping between chapters with C^a/C^z
  2. take examples mainly from MyPIM
  3. dedicated shortcuts
    1. copy/wiki format of links/paste
    2. copy/wiki format of citations/paste

Mediated live social interactions

  1. demo of starting a reading session from ##pim

Going further