CreativeCodingDataArtworkJune2020, 16 June 2020: 2:00 pm 6:00 pm CEST

#HASHTAGUNSET on Twitter,, Live Cast, TwitterStreamGraphs, Collecta, flickr

Own objectives

  1. improve PIMXR
  2. synthesize my knowledge of dataviz
  3. dare be more playful with creative coding
  4. learn from Matt DesLauriers

Attended activities

Paper sketching

In order to warm-up and think both algorithmically and artistically we started by write down a series of "rules" from basic primitives and sketches the result. Inspried by Sol Lewitt.

  • challenging to not project too far
    • sticking to what can be done

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Time as data

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Text as data

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Overall remarks and conclusions

  • great way to restart procgen
  • could be used for both art and pedagogy

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