Discover as efficiently as possible new written material then be able to criticize it to properly learn.

Before actually reading consider the

  1. motive: exploratory, technical and utilitarian, pleasurable and emotional, ...
  2. well known links: how does it relate to previously discovered material?
  3. quality: has it been published recently? is the content itself based on recently published material? in which context has it been published?
  4. expected result: what questions should it answer? in what form can this be used? (new or updated mental model, notes, software, ...)
  5. costs: how long will reading it properly require? which basis are missing and should be first covered? how fast will the expect result deprecate?

Finally, what is its Information/Action ratio?

Once all this has been settled, set up the environment to most efficiently produce the expected results.

Methods and techniques

Notes on content

To do

  1. ?