Since last year success regarding new year resolution (no cigarette bought in 2008) here are the new ones (with pages and tools for each) :

  • Learning habits
    • daily new concept
    • reviewing content with dates
  • Creativity habits
    • idea of the day
    • new situation of the day
  • Sustainability habit
    • Income
    • Energy
    • ...
  • Anti-procrastination habits
    • Limited number of anime/videos per day-week



  • The Neurogenesis Experiment from Science and Stuff, December 14th, 2008
  • see classic references to discipline of thinkers
    • "un esprit sain dans un corps" from the greeks,
    • mandatory daily walk of Rousseau
    • Disjktra discipline of thoughts and archiving
    • The Art of Aging by PBS
    • ... (eventually do an historical study)

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